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The Factions of Westeros and Essos,Possible Future Factions and Beyond The Known World.

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I've Moved this mod To Bannerlord!

Factions of Westeros:

-The Haunted Forest
-The North Under House Bolton
-The Riverlands Under House Frey
-The Iron Isles
-The Vale of Arryn
-The Riverlands Under The Blackfish
-The Westerlands
-The Crownlands
-The Stormlands Under Stannis
-The Reach

Factions of Essos:

-The Dothraki

Possible Future Factions:

-The Stepstones
-The Jhogos Nhai
-Empire of Meereen
-The Lhazareen
-Mountain Clansmen
-Great Moraq
-New Ghis

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