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The Traingle are the rebels that own almost whole SA.

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The Traingle is a well knowed Rebellion group. They took over a part of San Andreas and havea thin contract whit the Land Walkers.They have special tactics for Destroying there biggest enemys, including

suicide members = They run up to the enemy and start knocking them.Shooting them will make a radiation smoke come out and infect the enemy.
Explosion Car = A car that runs up the enemys whit low healt.Shoot them and they will explode after a few seconds.
Biker Ambush = Multyply bikers ambush the enemy at fast rate. Armed whit uzi's,m4,or even stronger guns.
The main enemy of the traingle is probaly the Global Defence.
The global Defence is of course the strongest and defenced Faction.The triangle wants them down to recive all the land they took over thats now taken over by Global Defence.

The traingle has some well knowed members included =

Pablo Maxims

Leader of the triangle group
Informed everytime
He leads he chooses

Xander Ullyses

Leader of the 2d companyon (The Blood drinkers)
Pablo's Informer
The biker tactic founder

Vladimir Dimitri Kastejz

Leader of the 3d companyon (Requiem for dreams)
Army ingage leader
Working on Soviet Satelliet to see Global Defence moves.

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