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Through research factions can unlock and upgrade spaceship components and improve their FvF warfare tactics. Read more for the complete tech tree revealed.

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By completing missions players earn resources not only for themselves, but also for their faction. Using these resources, factions can do research to unlock and improve spaceship components, as well as improving the faction’s capabilities in faction vs faction warfare. Note that the research system is already running on our social platform, and will soon be made available to the public.

The technology tree is divided into different categories, with three tiers in each category. Higher tiers generally offers higher stats, but may only be used by larger space ships.

The grey boxes at the sides will later on contain passive upgrades. These passive techs offer stat increases to components in their tier, and are instantly granted to all faction members upon completion.


Each ability component grants a unique active skill to the player when equipped. You can only equip four abilities, so you need to choose wisely depending on your play style and the current situation.

Each ability has two specializations, and will in the future have two passive upgrades.

List of abilities from top to bottom:

  • Mining Module
  • Weapon Boost
  • Afterburner
  • Shield Recharger
  • Homing Missiles
  • Repair Bots
  • Energy Recharger


The plasma tech tree offers two specializations:


A higher rate of fire makes it easier to hit your target, at the cost of lower damage per hit.


You fire slowly, but every hit makes high damage.

In the later tiers there is also a middle branch providing a good balance between speed and damage.The heavy plasma has a higher maximum damage output, but with fewer shots fired it is also harder to trace the enemy. Depending on your accuracy your preferred weapon might differ, so keep experimenting and you will soon find your personal favorite.


With rather few techs and a low research cost, the laser tech tree provides a good alternative to the expensive plasma tree by letting new players progress faster.Despite the relatively low damage output of lasers, you will likely find them very handy in certain situations. The laser beam reaches its target instantly, allowing for highly accurate sniping against small and fast enemy fighters. However, different scenarios require different equipment, so be prepared and choose well!

Energy Cores

Being the central power system for your space ship, the energy core supplies energy to all other components. Depending on the situation and your play style you may choose between three branches:


High energy regeneration rate lets you use your weapons and shield systems with almost no interruption, but with a low max capacity you might be easy to run out of energy when using abilities.

High Capacity

With a very high energy capacity you can stay in the heat of battle, bursting out loads of pure damage, but running out of energy leaves you very vulnerable.


If you prefer a more balanced play style, choosing the balanced energy core will give you better flexibility, letting you adapt to almost any situation out there.

Your choice of energy core highly affects your play style, and also affects your choices of all other equipment. Keep experimenting to find your own play style.


The shield system prevents your hull from taking damage. When taking damage, there is a cooldown time, after which the shield will start to regenerate. While the shield is gone your hull will take damage instead.

Depending on your preferred play style, you can choose between three specializations:


A fast regeneration rate, low cooldown and low energy consumption gives you a reliable protection suitable for continuous fighting, but with a rather low shield health you rely more on dodging damage by skillful maneuvering.

High Capacity

With a very high shield health you can stay in the center of the fight absorbing tons of damage, but when the shield is gone it will take much energy and time to get it back.


Keeps a good balance between capacity and regeneration speed to allow for better adaption with an allround fighting style.


The thruster is necessary for speed and maneuverability. This tree is subject for modification, but at the time of writing this tech tree provides the following specializations:


With zero energy consumption you never need to worry about getting stuck; you will always find your way out of the enemy fire.

High engine power gives you great speed and control, but if you run out of energy you’re stuck in space. Make sure to have a good energy system, or you’ll be an easy pick for the enemy armada.


With a low energy consumption and decent force, this branch of thrusters offers higher speeds than the efficient branch and a lower risk than the forceful branch.

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