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The “eyecandy” release is finally here! Although it is much more than that! New parallax backgrounds, redrawn sprites and tiles, new knight combat with knock backs, unlagged code making the combat smoother and more predictable, in-game moderators...

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It’s been a long time coming, with a lot of hiccups along the way but we’ve decided it’s clean enough around the edges for a public release.

Large changes include:

  • The graphics changes, as you'll soon see.
  • Knock back on all actor-actor combat and colliding with enemies, which makes combat less of a lottery and more dynamic.
  • KAG is now Unlagged. This means there is code that takes into account your ping. Collisions on server are calculated by stepping back in time according to the roundtrip time between you and the server. Furthermore sword hits, blood, damage and knock backs are fully synced between server & client.
  • Fall damage on by default, making crazy skybridges less useful and duels atop mountains more interesting. It can be turned off in the server config for those of you who hate this change ;). Also requirement for building support has been removed because of this.

  • Rendering optimisation, which just make the game more enjoyable for all. If you have issues with low framerates, update your graphics drivers before reporting it on the forums, we'll try to sort you out if you're having issues.
  • Last but least: Challenges! These started out as tutorials and serve as such. So you can train movement and Knight combat in a little singleplayer mode (movement challenge map, credits go to Vig). Please bare in mind that these are not finished so forgive us if they don't work fully.

(See the bottom of this post for a full changelog. Feel free to discuss these tweaks below or on the forums.)

More chit chat and a big old download link after the break:

We’re also pleased to announce the inclusion of in-game moderators. They likely won’t be able to keep an eye out for everything but they’ll be hanging out in the more popular servers whenever possible to aid in tossing out unwelcome types.

If you notice any players griefing be sure to get screenshots and report them immediately here especially if they’re in a gold server. We’ll take their account access away from them as quickly as possible so you can continue to enjoy the game.

There’s no doubt a few bugs here and there and a probably lot of tweaking needed for combat on a larger scale to work out well (it’s been tested online but not in the volumes that the public build gets) so be sure to let us know on the forums.

Still no bison in sight, I'm afraid.

That's enough rambling from us, have at it: DOWNLOAD NOW. Please note that the game autopatches also.

Changes 90-123:

- only builder has ground sight
- new tree leaf sprites
- fixed leafs not appearing from non destructed trees
- new ground tile graphics
- gold blocks glitter
- added big dirt pieces fallout of dug ground
- fixed mapcycle maps loaded on load map in menu
- fixed floor in window castle tile
- door has floor if castle block underneath
- new castle background blocks look different in different context
- added castle top bricks ornamentation
- recoded tile rendering to use mesh buffers (much faster)
- fixed clantag bracket
- separated foreground from background map layer (trees, spikes, solid blocks etc. are drawn in front of players)
- added clouds
- HUD can now display names and health after death
- new minimap icons
- fixed minimap not appearing on zoomout
- fixed enemy outposts and flags not appearing on minimap
- fixed minimap out of border icon positions
- fixed infinite loop caused by setting score_limit to 0
- added possibilty to load gm script file in mapcycle (useful to change game rules or add entities)
- fixed multiple tents saved on map
- outposts, hearts and catapults are saved on savemap
- fixed hearts dissapearing if full health archer or builder pick them up
- game rules can now limit classes
- game rules now define default materials count on respawn
- added tree branch destroy effects
- trees properly drop
- added ambient sound
- added smoothness variables to map generator files which determine the steppiness of the map
- gold now concentrates in middle of map
- move map scripts to Maps folder
- added natural background dirt tiling
- added semi-procedural ambient piano music when lonely
- tree block takes 3 hits to chop
- new png map format colors
- unified minimap colors with png map
- added team colored bridges and door to minimap
- change door open mechanics (doors react to direction keys)
- power bar loads up/down continously
- power bar stays at maximum position longer
- knight can only jab or hit with full power
- knight power slash adds speeds
- added sword hit knock back
- improved actor sprites
- removed dead actor collisions
- charged arrows knock back
- louder charged "pop" sound
- knock down lasts until fallen on ground
- all players collide
- fixed team kills giving points
- changed screenshot format to .png
- screenshots can be taken with PRINT SCREEN button too
- archers can duck with crouch button to hide
- added damage heart indicators
- added bloodsplat on hit
- fixed bottom of map collision
- map cycle is reloaded every map (can be edited while server is running)
- block can be dropped by builder only while holding crouch
- fixed outpost giving 3 hearts
- added default fall damage
- temporary fix for camera going bananas
- players retrieve their points and statistics on rejoining a server
- even more votes needed for players with good score
- builder earns points only by placing similar blocks next to each other
- increased running speed
- archer releases arrow if killed
- added console variable /v_fastrender (set to 1 to increase FPS)
- new combat move: jumping on enemy stuns him; or shield down causes damage
- increased falling max speed
- fall damage has 3 stages depending on fall velocity: slight stun, 1 heart damage; death
- knight max charge time increased slightly
- knight slash takes 1.5 hearts
- added small blood splat for 1 heart damage; big blood splat for more damage
- new combat move: double slash
- out of screen sprites rendering optimization
- sprite depth sorting is based on y position
- spikes give more damage at fall damage velocity
- removed menu vote kick
- fixed spikes not spiking dead bodies
- added server variable \sv_gold_only (aka Gold Server; allow only premium account players to play)
- added server variable \sv_allow_globals_mods (i set to 1 global KAG moderators and admins can kick/ban players)
- added player colors in scoreboard (green - moderators; yellow - premium)
- tree gives 2 arrows now
- knockback makes you fall from ladder
- servers browser now shows gamemode, passworded and gold server info
- fixed server not loading next map in map cycle after round won
- fixed clients disconnecting while server map generation
- bridges don't open from beneath
- title image stretches on different resolutions
- ladders save from fall damage
- fixed blood particle steppy offsets
- fixed multiple resupplying on tent
- removed resupply timer / resupply only works until moved off tent / healing works always
- bomb is dropped on knockback
- fixing giving materials on tent/outpost
- outposts are 2x tougher
- added wall bump sounds
- no spawning on tent in capture
- shield pushes everyone not shielded
- pushing shield against enemy with high velocity causes knockback
- fixed gibs emitting blood
- added new main menu items:
[Video->Smooth shader] hq2x pixel smoother;
[Video->Less effects] for faster backgrounds;
[Sound->Volume] type the volume between 0.0 and 1.0 (sorry for not adding a gauge yet);
[Sound->Ambient music]
- added block labels in menu
- requirement for support while building removed
- fixed admin menu cmds on localhost


Garyn Dakari
Garyn Dakari - - 1,508 comments

Awesome! You guys did some great work here.

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ScaniX - - 6 comments

Looks very cool, I need to check out the demo. :)

"- HUD can now display names and health after death"
I found that one funny, health after death is probably 0. ^^

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BaronVengeous - - 57 comments

wow. this. looks. amazing. [downloads...]

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