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We have had an amazing response from the free promotion we ran, we have decided to leave it on for an extra 5 days so it will end on 7th October.

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We have had a big response from many people about bounce!. We have had almost 600 downloads and over 2,000+ views on our profile, within 6 days without doing any external marketing other than our moddb news post.

We have increased our fanbase by a lot :D. Also it means we may be doing a mac version as there is definitively alot of support for our game and alot of people seem to be really enjoying it. Please help us to spread the word by telling all your friends :D.

The more downloads we get the better projects we can make and if we were to really take off we may have better chance to release on steam for mac version :D. Also desura mac when it's out :D

We would love to have done a linux version aswell (loads of people been asking for it :P) but engine we are using currently don't support it.


If you havn't downloaded check it out while it's free until 7th October 2011. The price will go back upto £4.99. Checkout our ipod game (similar to bounce)

Thanks a lot Everyone!

mxtomek - - 142 comments

i hope Bounce will be improved & can appear on steam (i can be a steam beta tester :) )

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MarkLeong1997 - - 23 comments

Agree. Waiting for it to be on Steam.

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OnyeNacho - - 1,345 comments

so while its free, once it returns to purchase, will i still be able to play the game despite already downloading it?

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author
Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Yep you will, once downloaded it's yours :D

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OnyeNacho - - 1,345 comments


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senntenial - - 521 comments

Really neat looking :D Reminds me of a mix between Tag: The power of Paint, and Minecraft graphics. Cool stuff :D and good looking gameplay.

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Rossroxx - - 135 comments

Check out our little article and promotion of Bounce!
Why not take a look at our other articles and get in touch with us to!

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