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With our story-focused social puzzle game Exploit: Zero Day, we're creating a cyberpunk world set in the present day. Part of that is making sure our technology is feasible.

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One of our themes with Exploit: Zero Day is that the cyberpunk future is now. We've arrived at a world that's very similar to that depicted in Gibson and Stephenson. We don't have widespread virtual reality or advanced artificial intelligence, but we do carry computers around in our pockets and live much of our lives online.

We want to tell exciting, cutting-edge stories in Exploit: Zero Day, but we're also both computer science geeks. We work to make sure that the technology we depict in the game would actually work the way we describe (with the occasional exception of some cool-sounding cyberbabble). A lot of our inspiration for the hacks and devices we use in our game comes from white papers and academic research being done around the world.

That's not to say we're sticking with boring technology. We're assuming believable tech but extremely competent characters. The characters of Zero Day, yours among them, are very good at using the cutting edge of technology. When you're making and breaking computer security setups, you're advancing the state-of-the-art in the Zero Day world. And if a piece of technology crops up in a Zero Day storyline, we intend for it to be used in a clever and creative way.

Part of this will depend on our players. We're hoping to find people who are interested in and aware of the coolest and most provocative new developments in technology. Technology has the potential to have a great positive impact on people's lives as well as the potential to cause great harm and suffering. This duality is what makes it interesting.

To discuss these issues, check out our forums. If you want to gain free access to the closed alpha, sign up for our mailing list. Press can request keys through distribute().

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