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A simple explanation as to why I am taking photos of the textures at 1080p rather than actual 4k.

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So I figured first things first...lemme explain why I have taken the photos you may preview of the textures ingame at a res of 1080p over true 4k.

I just dont have the monitor that supports 4k atm and im not in the mood to pay 1000+$ for 1 with the possibility of its light going out on me in 1 year.

On that note tho...I do have a reshade preset I use in the game that allows me to get the max quality of the textures no matter what resolution I play the game at.

If there is interest in that just say so and ill gladly upload it here as well with the texture pack.

On that is a Saturday August 27 2022...I plan to upload my 4k texture pack tomorrow August 28 2022 at sum point.

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