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We are proud to soon release our first expansion pack for The Scandinavian Front. The Expansion pack will add many things that appear in Strike Fighters 2 for the first time.

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* Several new and unique aircraft to fly, amongst them the Saab 18, Saab 21, Myrsky, Fuga Magister and Avia S-92!

* New cockpits for the De Havilland Mosquito, Saab 18, Saab 21 and the Fuga Magister by Stary; one of the best cockpit builders for Strike Figthers.

* A new Campaign, featuring an all out liberation of Finland by Swedish and Norwegian Forces set in the year 1950 including Amphibious Assaults.

* Fly for the Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic! A TSF First, this Campaign will allow you to fly an aircraft for the communists, defeating the filthy, warmongering imperialists in the name of Socialism!

* Bug Fixes and updates to the older campaigns, adding or replacing aircraft where suitable.

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