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After four years of development, Exiled Kingdoms is ready for your PC. Release will happen no later than February 23 on Steam, and will make the game available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Exiled Kingdoms is an open-world isometric action-RPG inspired by the classics from the 90s. While it has a big focus in action and combat, it features a detailed and pulsating world with over 300 unique dialogues, hand-crafted quests and events and 118 different areas full with dangers and secrets.

You can find more information about the release at the Steam Store Page. The release version will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux(Ubuntu).

Development in the last years

The four-year long development of Exiled Kingdoms is finally reaching one of its last milestones with the PC version. Initially released in "Early Access" Android (2015) and iOS(2016), the game has matured thanks to the extremely active community. There have been over 40 updates since the original release, and the world size has tripled.

On September 2017 version 1.0 was reached, making every quest completable, including the main quest. In December, another of the long-standing promises was fulfilled with the addition of the Mage class, together with even more new areas and quests.

Besides the original English and Spanish languages in which I wrote the dialogues and descriptions, the game has also been translated by the community to Portuguese, Russian and German; other languages are still in progress. The game has over 130,000 words of text, so the volunteer effort of the EK community has been heroic.

After the release of the PC version I expect to keep adding more content, of course. There's always new stories to tell and adventures to live in a world like the Exiled Kingdoms.

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Can't wait! :)

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