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Executrix's Folly has launched at Gamejolt and

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Executrix's Folly has launched at Gamejolt and

It only costs $5!

Executrix's Folly at Gamejolt

Executrix's Folly at

In the land of Punosha, criminals found guilty of the worst crimes can choose between spending the rest of their lives in a prison or endure a trial by dungeon in a Pyramid of Punishment. You play an executioner in training named Gard. While placing a prisoner in a dungeon, Gard's boss is taken hostage. Can you save your boss to save your job and escape the Pyramid of Punishment?


Rogue-ish- you have one life to live

Secrets- find teleportation circles to rooms not on the map

Auto Updating Map- keep track of where you are, have been, and have not

Level Up- gain experience points by killing enemies and using experience tomes found in secret areas to increase max health and damage

Go Beyond The Level Cap- increase max health with bananas and pineapples

Heal- restore Gard's health with potions

Learn New Attacks- find special experience tomes to teach Gard new attacks

Updating Character Portrait- Gard's portrait changes with the percentage of health remaining

Mind Reading- Gard's inner monolouge is visible at all times

Status Effects- more than 6 statuses that effect the game including disoriented, stressed, poisoned, and burned

Boss Battles- face 5 enemies that have survived inside the
Pyramid of Punishment for years

Mobs- enemy types including poison dart gun frogs, chupacabras, killingtons, and dragonflies

Puzzles- not every obstacle can be beaten with violence

Mazed- there is only one way out of the Pyramid of Punishment

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