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The world of Brune is rich with stuff to equip that can in turn equip other things. Here's a quick run-down of who/what can equip stuff and the stuff that can be equipped!

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Throughout these posts, we've written a lot about all the stuff you can equip and readers may be wondering what the sum total of equippable things are in Brunegame. There are a lot of things that you can equip personally and a few things that can, themselves, be equipped. Following is a comprehensive list of all things that can equip or be equipped.

Your Characters

The players are the reason everything is so equippable in the first place. Everything that you can equip somehow enhances the function of your character. Basic gear enhances your combat stats while class gear improves your attributes. Your units form your personal Army that defends you and joins you in combat. Personal transport units can serve multiple functions, but only one at a time.

Basic Gear

Even at level 1, all characters can equip one of each type of Basic Gear. They will not get a second slot for any, but will be able to do things like equip two weapons (one ranged, one melee) and one of all three spell types. Each sub-type of gear provides an attribute effect. Most provide two bonuses, but some provide a bonus and penalty.

Arms Gear

Basic Gear consists of Weapons, Armor and Spells. Weapons come in the Melee and Ranged varieties, both sets having 6 sub-groups and each item has an Arms Rating that determines which classes can equip them. Weapons come in Knives, Staffs, Clubs, Spears, Axes and Swords. Each progressively higher in Arms Rating. The Ranged Weapons vary from Throwing Knives to Bolas, Bullets, Arrows, Crossbows and Javelins. Likewise ranging from low to high Arms Rating. Which Armor you can equip is also based on Arms Rating and they include Robes, Leather, Fur, Ringmail, Studded and Scaled options. Weapons improve your Physical Damage while Armor improves your resistance to Physical Damage.


There are 3 types of spell, Buff Spells, Ranged Spells and Blessings. Your ability to equip these spells is based on your Magic Rating, which must be equal or higher to that of the spell. Buff Spells generally target a single Attribute and improve it to an extent based on the rank of the item. Like all gear, they are separated into 6 sub-categories; Might, Guile, Celerity, Toughness, Health and Reason. Ranged Spells inflict Magic Damage and range in strength from Burn, to Splash, Blast, Quake, Ray and Shock. Blessing spells offer protection from a variety of things. The lowest rated is 'vs Melee' which counters any melee-based physical damage. 'vs Magic' resists Magic damage while 'vs Ranged' obviously resists ranged-based physical damage. 'Dmg Absorb' resists all physical damage and 'vs Damage' protects you from both physical and magical attacks. 'Dmg Reversal' is the most powerful type of Blessing which actively turns damage back on your attackers.

Class Gear

Class Gear slots are very selective. They can only be unlocked in your primary and secondary class ability chains. Like basic gear, there are 6 types of class gear and each is separated into 6 sub-categories. Each of these sub-categories is associated with the class that will eventually unlock it.

Each piece of Class-Gear provides a bonus to two attributes. Usually these attributes are two of the three class-attributes of the class that earns the gear. Sometimes it is only one of the class-attributes and another that is helpful and relevant to the gear type. Fully leveled characters will generally have access to one sub-group of each class-gear type and a little extra. For double-class heroes (ie: Merchant is a trader-trader hero), this extra may be two of one slot (like Ledger sub-group of Books). Types of Class Gear are Accessories, Books, Symbols (ie: Tattoos and Crests), Emblems (ie: Flags and Banners), Companions (pets) and Retainers.

Personal Army

Every character can recruit/hire military Units for their personal army. These troops work for you and must be paid an upkeep in order to stay. You can arrange these units in same type/level stacks in a Formation around your person, or choose to take the lead and the first damage in battle. Once you've got your troops and assigned their Formation, you can also give them a basic Tactic with which to respond to most threats.

Equipping Units

Each stack of units can be equipped with two to four pieces of gear. One of these will always be a specific type of weapon that will enhance their damage. The other one to three vary based on the inherent social class and variety of the Unit. These can be either basic or class gear, but usually one is a sub-type of Armor.

Transport Unit

Characters can choose a single Transport unit to make their personal transport. This unit does not require a storage slot in a building and by default all it does is add it's storage space to that of it's .... 'wearer'. While with watercraft this may seem silly to visualize, it's assumed your personal vehicle is always somewhere nearby, waiting to hold your stuff. Alternately, you can set your personal vehicle to auto-trade for you. This allows you to set up a repeating auto-trade but doesn't provide you with the storage space of your vehicle.

Unit Troops

Large Ships that are NOT your personal vehicle can be filled with a certain number of Units. These units do not function as part of your personal army and aren't taking up Garrison space. In order to assign these troops to a ship, you must own (or have permission to manage) both the Ship and the Units. This ship can be sent on auto trade/raid and the units inside will do their best to help with combat.

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