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A quick update on the status of "Kitty" and how it is coming along.

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I have great news in regards to Kitty! It has just occurred to me that I am nearing completion of the first episode! Hooray! Keep in mind this does not mean that once I finish Episode one I will release it. What this means is that Kitty is making excellent progress and 1 of the 3 episodes will be completed soon. If you remember in my previous post I wanted to release all of the episodes at once and in the same download. So this means you will still have to wait until the other 2 episodes are completed for "Kitty" to be officially released.

So since I am really close to completing the intro episode I thought it would be a great idea to do a sort of "clean up" of the game's project file. I want to get rid of useless graphic images, compress minor audio files, delete unnecessary objects, etc so I can free up space (if you remember from an old post, the program I use to make games doesn't have unlimited space and memory which is why I have to separate the game into 3 parts since it is such a large and ambitious game). That way, with all the free space, I might be able to extend episode 1 even more or add more details to the frightening environments.

There is so much love and support going into this game! Thank you all for supporting me! and wish me luck! Stay to tuned for more news and screenshots in the future.

P.S. Here is something interesting, a film major buddy of mine made a short film that features beta footage from Kitty! I thought it was super cool, go check it out!!


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