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An explosion in 2041 will lead to an investigation at the Mesa Hydro Processor. Why would anyone blow up a civilian facility, and who could be behind it?

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In the future nature will be harnessed into living circuit boards, but not everyone is enthusiastic for this new technology, despite its wide range of revolutionary applications. A similar processor in Puerto Rico was unsuccessfully attacked one week prior by climate activists, so when the Mesa processor is blown up suspicions turn to the same group. But is there a greater scheme at work here?

_3cMZT wrote: “With rising paranoia, many suspects and even many more questions, Will Alex and Agent 03 be able to discover those responsible or is the plant be doomed to explode again and again?”

In episode 2 Alex will join with another of the professors time travel agents, Agent 03, where together they will be charged with discovering the identity of the person or persons involved. Interrogate the Mesa staff and exploit time travelling capabilities to follow each worker around the processor to verify.. or disprove their statements.

Trust no one..

The more Alex and Agent 03 investigate the more nothing adds up. Why this processor? Why wasn't the attack deadly? Who was involved? Activists, the staff, the Benefactor or something unseen before? Everyone seems to be as they appear and no one has a motive. As you investigate Mesa you wont be able to trust anyone..

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