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A new version of Epilogue is out, featuring some fixes, adjustments, and a new boss.

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This version adds a new boss: Aclorxus, the Acid Demon. You can get an idea of how the battle plays out in the image below. For very good reasons, he is entirely optional and should be thought of as a bonus challenge for those that feel very comfortable with their character. Alternatively, if you have trouble getting to the deeper levels, you can see his extermination as an alternate win condition to strive for. There are some fixes and balance adjustments in this update as well, specified below.

If you use steam and like Epilogue, I would very much appreciate your vote on Greenlight.


  • Added the Acid Demon optional boss (floor 5)
  • Added an effect that you receive if you collapse from exhaustion
  • Added acid traps
  • Changed the Cartographer’s first ability
  • Changed the way UI windows look a bit
  • Changed the Cold Feet trait to also freeze swamps
  • Changed the Soulful trait to correctly stack with Paciscraux
  • Fixed chests not having access to all the traps
  • Fixed a bug involving tile changes
  • Fixed a poison immunity bug
  • Increased the necessary favor for Kagh rewards
  • Increased trap spawn rates slightly


dafuq?! this looks insane and amazing :D its like terraria/minecraft on steriods :D

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