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The Jurassic is over, thus begins the new era, the Cretaceous!

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Greetings everyone, it has been a fair while since we last updated and we would like to start this update by apologising for that. Next we would like to address update formats, from this update onwards we will be utilising two ‘styles’ of article for animals, animals of LARGE or GARGANTUAN classification will be receiving the vaguely SCP-like articles that have been posted for the past few updates whereas SMALL and MEDIUM class animals will be receiving updates in the original style of update for AOG.

With that being said we shall move into the update!


Welcome to the Early Cretaceous, an era featuring some of the largest animals ever to walk the earth, however today we shall not be looking up, but down, towards a small, pudgy animal, Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis.

At 2 meters long Psittacosaurus is among the smaller animals available for display in parks and is considered to be one of the cutest by both guests and staff. This love from both of those parties however has not led it to be a highly popular animal overall; it is instead sat down at a 1 star rating despite its looks and somewhat interesting behaviour set.

Psittacosaurus has however earned its place as a somewhat staple animal not only in parks dedicated to prehistoric life but also in regular zoos for a few reasons, the most key of which is this animals amazing capacity to breed. As evidenced from the fossil record Psittacosaurus was expected to be highly prolific and thus expected to appear in most, if not all, parks across the globe due to the sheer availability of them. One of the other predictions to do with this animal that came true was how the animal looked, during the year 2016 a study of a specimen of Psittacosaurus lead to a reconstruction of the animal restored to near perfection, this reconstruction was proven to be just that when the first Psittacosaurus was hatched a few years later with a near on matching colour and pattern scheme.

In all settings Psittacosaurus has been shown to be a harem animal living in groups of 20 or more mature individuals with several times that number of immature animals. Each of these harems is safeguarded by a singular dominant male and up to four lesser males which will typically all be biologically related to the current dominant male, these lesser males themselves have their own hierarchy determining which one of them can ‘inherit’ the position of the dominant male once he either dies or simply becomes too weak or old for his role in the harem. This lifestyle has oddly made distribution of this animal quite easy, since the majority of young males are rejected upon reaching adolescence they are often put up for other parks to purchase, thus letting Psittacosaurus spread to the point of being present in nearly every park globally.

This concludes the introduction of Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis, the tiny prehistoric staple to parks and zoos globally.

Thank you all for reading, expect more from us soon.

~Jagged Fang Designs~

babehunter1324 - - 213 comments

Best Dinosaur right here everybody.

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Guest - - 688,692 comments

Can you Put a Download Link For this Dinosaur?
I Would Love to see This in my Park.
if not Then That's Fine.
but can you put a Link for the Equinox Tool you Use to Make this in JPOG?

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