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Showcasing new artwork that includes both concept art and in-game assets, and discussing some production roadmap changes (Part 2).

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In-Game Assets: Wheelhut Area

In the second dev log, we mentioned the Stelts' wheelhuts and how they are used to travel across the continent as they are a nomadic culture that do not remain in one place for too long.

Well, we've begun working on the interior of these wheelhuts!

wheelhut interior concept layout

Concept layout of Idan's grandmother's wheelhut.

They are inspired by the style of the Indonesian Batak Houses, revolving around a central room with different chambers loosely separated from it.

wheelhut furniture assets collec

In-game assets for different items and furniture found inside a wheelhut.

wheelhut interior bullshot

Conceptual bullshot of the interior of Idan's home.

The bullshot is still a work in progress, and there are still more assets to be made. This area is meant to be an introduction to not only the main character but to the world that the player will immerse themselves in, so it should be as homey as possible!

In-Game Assets: Library Area

We've showed off some concept art and in-game poster artwork for the great library in the forest before, but now we can also show off actual in-game assets for it.

library entrance asset

Work-in-progress conceptual bullshot of the entrance to the library.

This is one single map painting with no assets added on yet. All backgrounds will be a mix between map paintings and separate asset sprites, but generally, man-made structures will consist of more individual assets whereas natural areas will mostly be part of the background.

library concept layout

Concept layout of the Great Library. It consists of 4 stories, each one the height of roughly 3 stories of typical buildings. The tree is large enough to house trees of its own.

library furniture assets

In-game assets for the reception of the library.

library bullshot concept

Conceptual bullshot of the interior of the Great Library - the reception.

Compared to the wheelhut, the library is meant to be a much more mystical place. The sheer size of it dwarfs the player, and it marks Idan's first step into a larger world.

In-Game Assets: Gionni's Hideout

I've been doing artwork for Idan's side of the story for a while, and I like to switch things up and keep things going well on both sides, so let's turn over the page to Luliette's story.

gionni hideout concept outlines

Conceptual outline sketch for Gionni's hideout, where the beginning of Luliette's story takes place.

gionni hideout concept colors

Concept art for Gionni's hideout.

gionni hideout background progre

Work-in-progress conceptual bullshot for Idan's hideout. This is an unfinished background.

New Characters

There are 2 new characters I'd like to introduce here - and these are unique in that they are the first characters to appear purely starting from Act 2. They might not appear for a while, but when they do they will be very important!

Edson Concept Outlines

Edson Concept Colors


Conceptual outlines, colors and final design for Edson - a "fisherman" and "innkeeper" from one of Auleanne's neighboring villages.


Final design for Lucine - Edson's daughter, who tends to keep quiet.

Poster Art: Auleanne at Night

And lastly, in-game poster artwork that will be used during Luliette's story.

promo art p1

promo art p2

promo art p3

promo art p4

promo art p5

Concept art development and final artwork for Luliette overlooking her city of Auleanne.

Thanks for reading!

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