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Allow your mind’s eye to travel briefly to the year 2000 and consider this question and read a short story. What could an average Czech MMO gamer play at that time?

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Allow your mind’s eye to travel briefly to the year 2000 and consider this question and read a short story. What could an average Czech MMO gamer play at that time?

New Czech Server for Ultima Online Launches This Friday
There were two possibilities. Either a player did not yet know, he is so afflicted and likely wasn’t regularly even online. The other possibility is easy. Has was on some Czech free Ultima Online shard. The choice was fairly limited. He could play on Kelevar, where he played official server(OSI) like character with skill cap. This means a limited number of skill points, that he could distribute as he saw fit.

The other choice was the server Dark Paradise, which, under the leadership of taskmaster Vasako, designed their own predefined set of classes which shaped skills. I dare to say, that Dark Paradise fared much better. It had more player and as the availability of internet grew, so did the community and game-masters caring for the community. However kind and benevolent the GMs were, the number of complaints grew and so did the general discord. Dark Paradise was based on old Sphere emulator, which lagged a lot, crashed and contained a great number of bugs, which included duplicating items, removing player kill counts and other foul deeds. Also, game masters fell victim to divine feelings en masse and supported their friend with their godly abilities. All this was too much for a group of UO positive players led by one Jiri Wallenfels and they started to work on a server of their own.

Server Endor was built on the most modern server of that time called POL, with far better hardware and healthier system. Endor had its own set of classes, original map, roughly a hundred dungeons and unforgettable tricks such as throwing people off their horses, regular in-game casino, where characters could make a lot of gold or lose even more. The server was tremendously successful and thousands have traveler thru its world in the early years. Both domestic and foreign. In time, even Chinese players have heard about it and an instance was set up somewhere beyond the Great Wall of China.

Unfortunately, time is without mercy and however good the core of the game is, graphics has lagged behind too much and the majority of MMO games have gone 3D.

And so began the years of World of Warcraft, Lineage II, and their clones. While graphics was improved greatly, the content arguably grew thinner and made easier so that the commercial product was easily accessible and everyone could be competitive, even those who did not really try to. As this is clearly not good, once again teams of players got together to create MMO games in their garages.

Endor team decided not to let the legacy fall and started to develop ESQ. El Somni Quas in full. The game is built on the foundations of the Endor world including all the rules, classes and every dirty trick, but in modern 3D. Internal alpha is on at the moment, and the developers are looking toward reaching public Beta. But this story is not about ESQ. Endor and ESQ team decided, that after 16 years, it will launch a second new instance of Endor called Endor Reborn. It is now ready to be launched. Everything was wiped and scrubbed clean, everyone starts from scratch.

The server will start on Friday, May 25, 2018, at 20:00 (Eastern European Time). There will be a new web, new bulletin board, and even a new Facebook page to focus on the reborn side. Endor team was to allow veteran players to experience the thrill of returning to the foundation of modern gaming and to show new players the system, that awaits them in ESQ.

The old graphics obviously remains a hindrance. The game window is no larger than 800x600, though you can get to 1024x800 with some effort. It is good to note that through years, it has become apparent, that graphics is ultimately what gives the game its soul and besides, this is but a temporary refuge for the hardcore endorites, where to await the arrival of the El Somni Quas. It is also possible, that dedicated players of Endor might find something nice in ESQ as a reward and reminder of the early days.

In any case, this event is one time on the Czech MMO scene and it would be a shame to miss the new beginning!

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