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Sorry guys, it was a good experience but it's over, finally.

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Ok so I didn't post anything for a few days/weeks cause i was looking for inspiration for my mod. Then i read Order 66 and figured out that my mod was nonsense particularly because the time between Sev's Fate and Order 66 is really short in the book contrary to my mod. That's why i decided to cancel the
mod finally. I will not continue it.

However I'll continue to make mini mods, single player maps, skins etc etc...

Therefore, you can use all the stuff i did for your own mod. I'll still make Updates, upload pics etc but this page will not be called RC 2 Order 66 anymore but simply xtaZe's Mods.

Hope you guys will understand my decision.

Aziki - - 58 comments

but we dont really care if your mod fits exactly with a books timeline. the books deviate alot from the films anyway, and i always wanted a clone vs jedi multiplayer game :(

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DarthSolous - - 528 comments

Not to mention Imperial commandos hunting jedi in SP missions.

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XtaZe Author
XtaZe - - 272 comments

Ahh well i didn't say I'll not release a Clone vs jedi MP mod :p And a Imperial Commando was in my project. But anyway, I'll probably some maps of the final mod but it will not be what I wanted first. Maybe a map on the jedi temple, who knows?

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