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Slow process thanks to valves still bugged SDK. Community Question concerning the mod´s showplaces and areas.

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Hello folks and gals

As a lot of you know Valve still doesnt have seem to fixed theyr bugged SDK wich makes me rather helps in this situation. Good news are that i have managed to trick it alittle so i can halfway see what im doing but process is VERY slow thanks to this.
I tried the few solutions that where eventually seeming to work but nothing seems to work on my end.
I appreciate the attempts to help me out so a big thanks to you guys.

On that date i released 2 new pictures of what i have been able to do in these troubled times we are facing. All we can hope is that valve will fix it very soon.
On another note is that my very own private life is having a lot of twists and turns lately wich also batters my will to try to make any progress.

Until then i want to ask everyone who comes by my mod page:
What do you want to see in HL2:Ex?
Post your ideas and wishes in the comment box and as a reward i will put your username (and/or) desired name in the credit roll of the mod once its finished.
(I cant mod weapons, npc or anything like that but mapping ideas such as areas or happenings are very appreciated)

Thanks a lot for the support and hopefully the next news will be better.


sdk works now. you just have to move your mod to the "source 2007" engine, opposed to "source 2009"

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BleiWolf Author

I just tried it and yes, success!! Thanks a ton for that

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I want to see Hitler fighting with dinosaurs with 2 miniguns.

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BleiWolf Author

This aint HalfStein 4D and a half u.u

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