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Release video of gameplay! A downloadable demo will be coming out soon too. This article shows videos, and talks about the up and coming steps for the Encore! Production.

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Encore! Dream Build Play Game play!!!

Encore! Previz for Chapter 1 Episode 2

Status Update!

After a year of trying to get the proof of concept demo off the ground, we've finally used the prototype to pitch to investors and raise budget capital. We are finally ready to start the production to complete the actual game which will be a five to eight month production. Here are the following Features of the game for Encore! Chapter 1.

  • Four Playable Musicians
  • 2.5D (Z & X Axis)
  • 5 Chapters in 1 episode
  • Multiplayer Capabilities (Coop & Versus)

Estimated Production time:

Concept Drawings - 12-20 days
Modeling - 36- 45 days
Texturing - 36-45 days
Rigging - 24-60 days
Animating - 18-42 days

Planning: Concept and inventory checklist creation 5 chapters (15-30 days)
modeling (28-50 days)
texturint (35-50 days)
asset placement (10-15 days)

1-2 per particle effect (dedicating 15 days)

Animation Cinematics:
Pre-production - 2-5 days
Production - 15-20 days
Post production - 5-10 days

We are still in search for a Web Designer to help us with our marketing. btw, Become a fan of Encore in our facebook page! =)


Looks Really cool. I've never seen this before. It's like Rockband Plus Battle Toads!!!

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Looking so swanky. Great progress!

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The concept of using music to beat your way to victory is great - I was disappointed when I saw the dream build play video, which consisted mostly of slashing opponents with your violin bow.

I'm not sure what I expected - perhaps for the default weapon attack to be music, or for each level to be a series of set locations where you would have to belt out some killer music in order to beat an oncoming wave of enemies?

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