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After aeons of strife they have finally returned and with a vengeance.

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The eternal military of TLC is all that remains of the once proud forces of their realms.

Though small in size and with little variation, each and every combat platform and construct is nearly undefeatable in war.

TLC is quite literally TLC. The last known survivor of the war with the RIE, having spent her entire life in conflict and attaining the rank of Knight-Paladin. With her people losing the war the high command gave her the order to hide with one thousand warriors and lie dormant.

The plan failed, the forces were discovered but she survived by activating a purge which wiped out the invading forces but also a lot of her own warriors. With the war all but lost she chose exile and spent aeons asleep in the Astral Cradle. Now she has returned, ready to reclaim the galaxy for her people.

Trinity, Duality and Singularity are quite possibly the last Icons in the galaxy. The three of them are brothers and the ancestors of the human race, enslaved by the CLS while they were young. Each of them is gifted with a unique and complimentary power.

An Icon is the elite guardian and emissary of a CLS, usually a slave who is fiercely loyal to its master and has a past in combat. Many prominent CLS had their own Icon which was known throughout the realms, TLC was the only one to have had three.

Deacons, the general purpose elite infantry and shock trooper force of the CLS. They are extremely advanced automatons capable of having thought patterns similar to a sentient being and yet are often under the direct control of a CLS overmind.

Armed with resonace disc lancer-rifles, which can easily wipe out targets bigger than itself and engage in close quarters combat. Defensively it can withstand a lot of punishment due to its shielding, armour and special ability to phaseshift short distances. When destroyed the outer shell disintigrates leaving behind its command unit, a spheroid husk. It can retrieved and revived by another Deacon.

Deacons equipped with Soma are flight capable both in atmosphere and in the vacuum of space. The Soma are an extension of the Deacon, essentially their wings. In addition to providing them with mobility it supercharges their already potent defenses and provides them with new offensive capabilities.

The Soma bears resonance ripture missiles and munitions which allow it to take out small settlements and minor capital ships if a large enough barrage is allowed to achieve its critical mass. Finally with the Soma the range of the phaseshift ability of the Deacons has been improved.

While small in appearance on the outside, about the size of a large cruiser, the innards of a Luminary are quite extensive, nearly the size of a small city but fully outfitted for combat situations and preperations, allowing it to produce, outfit and house Deacons on the fly.

Equipped with a singular resonance disabler and disc-weaver, a Luminary is more than a match for any vessel and capable of unleashing devestation on entire systems with little effort. A immensely powerful shield and very durable hull render it nearly impervious to destruction.

The Shining Weapon of Resplendent Destruction, or Sword, is the only known vessel of the Hierophant type, thought lost during the war with the RIE. It was introduced too late into the war to make a difference.

Essentially the vessel is a highly modified Luminary with emphasis placed upon the new weapon it is installed with, the Arcwave, a weapon capable of massive destruction recovered from an unknown source within the RIE. The unstable teal-crimson sparked beaming is able to connect with multiple enemy warships within a close proximity to each other and destroy them instantaneously.

The Jalyn Portals are remnants of the Jalyn Network, a system of matter transporters the CLS used to travel to and from their realm within Hyperspace. Few of these remain as most were destroyed during the war with the RIE. There are Portals on Kinyen, Tython, Corellia, within the Ciratu Spheres, within the Quintarad (starship-sized) and Malastare.

Any Jalyn Portal can be used to reach the Astral Cradle, the final fortress of the CLS. It can be theorized that since Hyperspace is a seperate dimension primarily used by the CLS and its damaging effects on the mind is a part of a CLS defense mechanism to protect theirm realm.

Stellar Hearts are a type of growing, self-replicating and self-contained planets complete with housing, industry and defenses. Initially constructed from stars by transmuting their radiation into alloys, once a core is formed it can grow over the course of a thousand years into a moving planetoid or drain multiple stars to accelerate the growing process.

Few of these fortress worlds remain in function, all kept near the astronomically much larger Astral Cradle for safety. It is speculated that some have survived the CLS-RIE war and are yet to be found.

The Astral Cradle itself is the last bastion of the CLS, built in secret within Hyperspace and away from the prying eyes of the RIE. It was supposed to be the home of the last one billion CLS warriors who would rise up after aeons of slumber to reclaim the galaxy but before this plan could be executed the Astral Cradle was discovered. Left with no choice it was purged of all life not already placed in suspended animation. This act left only one survivor, TLC herself.

The capabilities of the vast artificial construct are unfathomable. It has the ability to create Stellar Hearts, Luminaries and Deacons with incredible ease thanks to its connection to Tau, one of or perhaps the largest sun in the galaxy. At the beginning of its lifespan the sun was blue, millenia of abuse left it scarred in crimson and ash black as the Astral Cradle is reactivated to use its powers and form an army to reclaim the galaxy.


Ophidian grotesque.

The Ciratu Spheres: The star Ciratu lies far from trade routes in the Expansion Region, orbited by six spheres of rock and iron completely honeycombed by twisting passages. Cantina tales tell of scouts who found wondrous machinery within Ciratu’s labyrinthine spheres — as well as scouts who returned curiously altered by experiences they couldn’t describe, if they returned at all.

The Aur Diamonds: Not far from Phu lies the curious Aur system. Aur IX and Aur X are diamonds the size of terrestrial worlds, spheres believed to have once sat at the core of gas giants. The Aur system’s 11th orbital position, meanwhile, contains a cloud of tumbling diamond fragments.

The Quintarad: Wild Space beyond the Outer Rim’s Tunka sector is broken by the Void of Aogros, an expanse that is devoid of star systems except for the oddity known as the Quintarad, five stars that orbit each other in a whirling tangle of plasma. Astrophysicists insist the Quintarad must be artificial, but no probe has ever survived a trip into the region enclosed by the stars’ orbits.

The Diatian Clockwork: Diatia Major is a planetless star on the edge of the Deep Core surrounded by an immense ring of metallic alloy etched with deep, regular grooves. The Clockwork has attracted awestruck visitors for millennia, and generated many theories about what its purpose might have been.

The Penegelen Shards: The star Penegelen, in the Inner Rim, is orbited by a spherical cloud of tumbling fragments. Some are bare, scorched alloy, while others are flash-frozen hunks of dirt and rock. Scientists believe the Shards are the remnants of a vast shell that once enclosed Penegelen.

The Ianane Ring: Amid the tangle of hyperspace anomalies west of the Core sits the Ianane system, whose third planet has long fascinated those scientists who have survived the difficult journey there and back. Ianane III is nearly as bright as its star, and for ages was wrongly identified as a stellar companion. But its brightness is a product of sunlight reflecting off the hundreds of meters of glassine sand that encase the planet’s surface — sand that whips through the planet’s atmosphere in monstrous storms of razor-sharp particles. Ianane III is surrounded by the ruins of an orbital ring whose surface features have been reduced to ash as black as the planet below is white.

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Within the Astral Cradle are several rooms of note;

Jupiter's Anchor
Allows the Astral Cradle to move between Hyperspace and Realspace. It also regulates the special region the Astral Cradle inhabits within Hyperspace, destroying it will pin the Astral Cradle in place and cause the region to shrink down to just around Tau and the Astral Cradle, eliminating the fleet and the large Jalyn Portal outside. Named after an important CLS leader.

Ceres' Organ
The Command and Control centre for all Deacons and Luminaries, including (inadvertently) the Hierophant (Sword). From here the players can (somehow) order all CLS combat platforms launched from the Astral Cradle to return to base, but not be deactivated.

Nova's Heart
Named after an important CLS leader, this is where the players will have their final fight with TLC.

The Forge
Specialized crafting area where the players can build KAT after their fight. Used by the CLS to construct highly-prized weapons for their most skilled warriors.

The Pendulum
Destroying this will sever the link between unstable Tau and the Astral Cradle, causing Tau to collapse and be destroyed along with everything within that region of Hyperspace.

The (Resonance Field) Hooks
A failsafe should Jupiter's Anchor be destroyed. The field cannot be overriden using Ceres' Organ, only expanded or shrunk within parameters to allow CLS vessels in and out. Ceres' Organ is named after an important CLS leader.

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All can phaseshift like Deacons.

Wields a greatsword named War, capable of breaking through mostly anything including Lightsabers and bubble shields, but Singularity lacks ranged abilities. His armour is extremely powerful but not without weakness and his movements are cumbersome and slow. To defeat him one has to hit the nape of his neck.

Wields a longbow named Famine, capable of blinding by either overexposing beings to light or casting jetblack darkness. Has no close-quarter protection. Duality relies on either light or darkness to hide completely, if in the middleground between the two extremes he becomes visible. His armour has the same weakness as Singularity but is additionally weak in the shoulder region.

Wields a blade-whip combo named Pestilence, coated in virulent toxins capable of reducing anything that touches it into goo within seconds. Great at close to long range combat. Can cast a link (limited to three tethers), sacrificing nearby Deacons or weak-willed to regenerate power and transfer damage unto others. The nape is covered with the only weakness being the link system, sprouting from its back.

The combination of all three brothers into one being. Wields Death, an Infinite Starlight responsible for the death of Serena. Powered up version of Link (seven tethers) all of which must be severed to inflict damage upon its nape. Can move between light and dark to become invisible and the power of its weapon cannot be deflected, only dodged. It leaves a trail of Duality's toxin (AoE).

Unity (Enraged)
Supercharged by the powers of TLC, the Astral Cradle and Tau itself. Unity can use Overlimit Break, destroying everything in a growing radius around him. Provided there is cover that is intact, players can use this to hide from the OB. To defeat Unity in this state simply wait for him to move into position to begin the OB and hit him anywhere before the OB is cast.

Weakened due to commanding the Deacons personally and powering Unity, she simply surrenders. TLC has to be killed or else she will use her ability to ensnare the players, taking them over.

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So, what does this have to do with Warframe? You're using Warframe art and concepts, so how does this relate to it?

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It doesn't. You shouldn't even be able to see this.

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