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Demo version of Elder Tiles released! Elder Tiles is a puzzle game in which player tries to clear the screen of tiles. Matching pairs of tiles needs to be selected and removed in sequence. The game is a combination of chill and challenge! The tiles have various mythological, cultural and artistic themes. We're still working on the game, and with your support we can do additional tile designs, game modes and so on.

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So what started as a first small collaboration has become a quite nice and casual little puzzle game. First time for a puzzle game, so it's both exciting and a bit scary! Playable Demo - Link at the bottom.

Here is the first trailer:

We'll continue to improve and polish the game. With support from players we can add content and even make a full game. Player tries to clear screen of matching pairs of tiles. Later levels will become available (unlocked) as after a few levels have been completed.

scr 006

The game was inspired by mahjong games and "Dragon Tiles" (1992) on the Commodore Amiga.


  • Three different unique Tile sets
  • 9 levels
  • set your own record Times for each level

The tile-set designs are based on mythological themes and the music has ambient style for a chill experience.


scr 002

Elder Tiles is made using Unity. The first idea was to base the tiles on occult symbols. We expanded upon it with mythological monsters and Greek alphabet letters. It's so much fun to come up with ideas for tile-sets, so we look forward to adding more.


We are a small team of three people:

Coding: Florian Redl

Graphics: Thomas "Bahototh" Finholm

Music: WWW Surfing Dinasour

Thanks for reading! We hope you try the game and leave feedback and comments.

Play Elder Tiles on


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