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Development Log: 5
[+] Added Treasure Island Map.
[+] Added daily job boards for "doing the rounds" on bosses, to Arcadia square.
[+] Added Old Ben - treasure hunt quest - introduction to better gear above legendary.
[+] Added new resource Exaltium.
[+] Added Legendary < Exaltium accessories upgrade to Shrine in Dark Island.
[+] Added randomising daily quest system with 18 possible quest targets / rewards in one script.
[?] Quest possible targets: Collect resources - clay, wood or stone. Collect animal parts - meat, eyes, bones or claws. Collect money - 2000, 5000, 7500 or 10000. Kill monsters - werewolf, puppet, vampire or vampiress. Recover items, gnome doll, gnome hat or golem stone.
[?] Quest possible rewards: EXP + EXP, Coins + EXP or Exaltium + EXP.
[+] Added 11 NPCs split between 3 towns with the randomised quest system.

Development Log: 4
[+] Added Dark Island expansion (5 maps).
[+] Added Demon Sorcerer boss to Dark Island.
[+] Modified all [Boss] type and Dragon NPC's and reduced Defence and Evasion.
[+] Added Arcadia Skill Master to Arcadia square.
[+] Added Bandage Self skill to Arcadia Skill Master.
[+] Reduced HP on all Dark Island NPC's (balancing).
[+] Added Renown Points for sale @ 3000 Copper Coins each in the Tavern.
[+] Added an option to sell all renown items to the renown rewards NPC for Copper Coins.

Development Log: 3
[+] Added 20 Fairysoda for Guards daily quests to the world.
[+] Added many more resource node spawns for early maps + Resources Island.
[+] Added Atlas GUI to the client + some new music.
[+] Added music to maps.

Development Log: 2
[+] Modified website layout, added players map (still to add finished map images).
[+] Added Mystery Island expansion (4 new maps).
[+] Added Mystery Island Boss - Nemo.
[+] Added a 1% chance for any [Epic], [Renowned] or [Legendary] gear to drop from Apozen or Nemo (total 100% drop chance).
[+] Added Sea Chart system to the Sea Captain NPC (Unlock new areas with Sea Charts).
[+] Added Sea Charts store to Arcadia.
[+] Added Open Beta Rewards temporary system (Some rewards for players who took part in the open beta testing).
[?] Reset all open beta testing players back to starting state ready for release date.
[+] Added Gambling in the tavern.
[/] Modified Roberts, into Wilfred!
[/] Modified [Legendary] craft requirements (more renown points needed).

Development Log: 1
[+] Added the website, some more will be added to it likely, as needed.
[+] Added [Renowned] Gear to an NPC in the Tavern.
[+] Added Renown Points to Daily Greeting rewards.
[+] Added Copper Coins to the drops for 25 Wild Animal type NPC's.
[+] Added Renown Point stacks to the drops for bosses, set bosses to an 100% drop chance of an item.
[+] Increased Renown Points drops for Island Invasion enemies.
[+] Added [Epic] Gear to Arcadia Armory.
[?] Current Gear Ranking: Shop < [Epic] < [Renowned] < [Legendary].
[+] Increased base weight to 200.

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