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A new build of the fangame has been released with 26 eggs to find. (as well as a preview of a new upcoming area, if you can find it :P) Join the hunt!

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Hey guys, do you remember when you were a kid and your parents scattered eggs all over the back yard for you to find? Well, I do and I remember it being a LOT of fun. If you don't, now you can have to opportunity to experience this for yourself! Only instead of a backyard, you have a spike-ridden hell hole.

The fangame has been rebuilt specially for easter, you can now play all your favourite sadistic levels with a bunch of extra coloured pixels resembling aluminum wrappers containing Delicious Chocolate(TM).


Speaking of hunts, if you can follow the series of clues leading off of the following game: You get like, a screenshot of an upcoming fangame area which will be built into a patch, which will include the finished bug-free time attack mode, a shitload of glitch and exploit fixes, as well a completely new path. I'll also release an interface for controls-changing with this patched version, which will be titled v1.1.


Wow!Nice!Gonna download this(Yeah I remember when I was a kid and my parents did this with me,I went in rage)

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