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A early weekly update. [New Programming Style - Customizable]

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Hi folks,
I've got a importent thing to say...

The Coding process is fallen from 90% to 10%...
But the reason is one that makes every server hoster happy...

At the start of this project I've got the idea that I only can host servers... Then i changed my mind into make them hostable for everyone... I changed my mind again... but this time I've got the idea to make this game hostable for everyone AND customizable.

A shot FAQ:

Q: What engine will be used to make this working?:
A: My own(Ist just based on .cfg files - this isn't lagging... that's the reason why i use this.). And don't ask me for LUA... this engine is lagging like hell.

Q: What will be customizable:
A: You will be able to create you own Entitys... Examples (Food, Drinks, Weapons, Chars, Dieases etc.)
Edit : You will be able to create you own Jobs.

Q: Could you give us an example?:
A: Sure.

           TrueName            "Melon"
           InventoryReady      "1"//1=true | 0=false
           Type                "food" //The Entity Type - food | drink | other
           RestoreThirstAmount "0"//In % max is 100%.
           RestoreHungerAmount "50"//In % max is 100% | 0 = nothing.
           //And alot of more things that i don't want to tell you guys right now.

Q: So the process is back at 10% ... but this takes so much time until its back on 90%...
A: Nope. Wanna know why? It's because I'm using my old core as "Copy Paste" reposit. :-P (With Copy and Paste I mean, I use my own code again... as example my HUDs.)

I think that's all for now...

If you got a question just paste it as Comment.

Cya folks,

[Sorry for English FAILs.]

Omegakill - - 367 comments

if you copy and paste code your asking for trouble, if you've changed the way the game is going to play its best to write the code from scratch to prevent bugs..

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Dome113 Author
Dome113 - - 84 comments

I always use it as scratch code.

With Copy and Paste I mean, I use my own code again... as example my HUDs.

Do you understand that now?
I don't need to rewrite them. That's why the process is going up faster than before. I'm using the same Values etc just a bit modified.

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