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A post introducing a new zombie project for the game ArmA 2. It takes the thrill zombies and fuses them with the randomness and dynamics that any ArmA player is all too familiar with.

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Hello all.

I am returning to introduce a new zombie MP mission for ArmA. It intends to provide a myriad of options to allow you to make a completely random zombie mission that can work on any island/map/terrain.

Any map?

Yep. The only things you need to place in the mapscreen is the playable units. To play it on a different map you just need to change .chernarus to the name of the map you are playing on.

Sounds epic right??

Well, it is.

How it works:
Spawns a random amount of vehicles in every town in random places within the town. Inside these vehicles there is a chance of a random weapon to spawn, with a random amount of ammo to go along with it. This is all customizable to fit your will in parameters. This is the basics of the mission. You need to get ammo and fight off the zombie hordes as long as you can.

The mission is currently in beta stage. The core is there, the peripherals are yet to be added.


  • Addon Free Zombies created by Celery
  • Customizable zombie behavior. From blind zombies to zombies that smell you from kilometers away
  • Player can start with or without weapons and ammo
  • Entirely script based, can be switched with 1 click and a little typing
  • Special military vehicles can be enabled, but rarrreee
  • What you want to find in vehicles? Up to you. Civilian weapons, pistols, machine guns, launchers, snipers, etc. All definable in parameters.
  • OA only and A2 only modes
  • and anything else you want to see and that I can implement
  • Option to have all buildings on map partially destroyed (yep, just like in PMC campaign)

Want a copy???
Yep, beta.

Give me a holla at the following places if you want to test.

Bohemia Forums via PM

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this, please tell me. Comment on this, use one of the previous links. I want YOUR input.



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