Post news RSS Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 is now released to the public and free to download

Explore a dungeon filled with dangers and possibilities, make your minions search for valuable minerals deep underground and fight hoards of humans at the dungeon entrenches. This new update enables your creature to dig and explore into new dimensions, literally.

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Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 is now released

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c

Gameplay video

Watch me try to explain the game mechanics while being attacked from all sides by enemies only to find myself killed in the end by my own creation.

The 3D dungeon

Well first we have the 3D dungeon, the player now have the possibility to dig and explore in all 3 dimensions as seen in this cover image.

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6

Creature demands and needs

You minions need to eat, sleep and drink to be happy, otherwise they may turn against you!

Orcs hanging at the pub


To prepare your minons for battle it is always a good idea to build a training room so that they can level up!

Orcs training

Waterfall and bridges

Build bridges over waterfalls to explore the unknown!

Great risks equals great rewards

Some rooms aren't easy to take over, but as seen here there are a chest waiting for the one that are able to conquer it!

The Maze

For those that dare enter the cyclotaur maze will regret it sooner than they think! Just look at the video when I tried to do it..

And much much more!

To see for yourself, download the game and explore a dungeon full of dangers and possibilities.

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6c

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