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A mod aiming to refresh Knights of Honor experience with 9 new buildings and 22 building upgrades and various gameplay tweaks released.

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Dusk of Glory is a mod for Knights of Honor that aims to refresh KoH experience with 4 new buildings and 14 building upgrades and various gameplay tweaks.

Version 1.0 buildings & building upgrades

Holy Place Kasaba
Forge Storehouse
Fortalice Stone dwellings

Version 1.1 buildings & building upgrades

Windmill v1.1 Maktab, v1.1
Abbey upgrade of priory, v1.1 Holy Grove, v1.1
Merchant's Guild upgrade to Souk, v1.1 Muslim version of Windmill, v1.1

Full version, v1.1.1
Source files of v1.1

Desura Digital Distribution

1.0 changes
- 4 new buildings and 14 building upgrades
- various gameplay tweaks (almost every building was given an additional bonus)
1.1 changes
- 5 new buildings and 8 building upgrades
- remastered/darkened/lightened world terrain textures
1.1.1 changes
- Texts corrections (Alehouse and Tavern texts without capital letters, formerly tavern/alehouse)
- windmills and Muslim windmills can be now upgraded correctly
- Granary now increases only food storage bonus (not town food bonus), and mills give food bonus in town and farms
- some other tweaks (mainly for Tax Collector's Office and Residence)

To install, simply cut/copy & paste defs, images and Texts folders into your main game directory of Knights of Honor. The mod was tested on 1.03 patch.

formerlyknownasMrCP - - 892 comments

have to give this a shot, glad people are still modding this game.

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somonels - - 64 comments

Knew this game had a map editor, somewhere, but never knew it was modifiable.
Perhaps the "Munster" shall rise up to devour Europe one final time.

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Oelkanne0815 - - 76 comments

Great Mod, THX :)

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Sounds good. Really enjoy KoH, glad to see there's still some interest in it.

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plumo - - 82 comments

Why not tested with 1.05 ?

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feillyne Author
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Had problems with patching the game (copy) to test it. Though could look into it later on, and perhaps make a unique version for 1.05.

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plumo - - 82 comments

Strange. 1.05 version works like a treat for me . It even includes an official No-Cd exe.

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