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Today we are going to show you some things about our new inventory system, equipping an item, and some item stats to help you understand what you need to find!

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Hello everyone!

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After one of our biggest updates yet, the Death Foundry zone, we're now working on something that was a long time coming, and that we're really excited for: items, inventories, and equipment.

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It took a long time to figure this system out, but we managed... barely. The inventory slot system works fairly simple like any other inventory system. It requires the player to click and drag each item to any inventory slot of their choosing.

Equipping an item is simple as well. It works just the same as putting an item in an inventory slot, except each slot is determined by the item type, represented by this picture here:

 photo Inventory and equipment_zpsll6q4un4.png

As you can see, the sword is in the "weapon" slot. If you own a sword, you won't be able to place it in any other slot besides the "weapon" slot and an empty inventory slot.

On top of that, certain classes cannot use certain items. For example, a paladin cannot equip a bow; a ranger cannot equip a staff; a pyromancer cannot equip a mace. To check whether or not an item can be used, you can do one of two things: mouse over the item when it is on the ground and it will tell you; or try to equip the item and see for yourself.

Item rarities
All of our items in the game are organized based on rarity. There are 8 rarity grades: basic, novice, uncommon, exceptional, tremendous, legendary, and godlike. Basic rarity items have a drop rate of around 20%. Godlike items have 1% drop rate or less. Currently, only the basic and novice item rarities are usable, as the others have not been fully implemented yet.

Item stats
All items, once equipped, give specific number stats to strength/dexterity/intellect, wisdom and fortitude. The point spread varies depending on what piece of equipment it is. For example, armor items that you equip on the body have a higher chance of having more fortitude points. Weapons have a greater chance of having more strength/dexterity/intellect and wisdom stats than fortitude.

The future of items
We will be releasing an expanding list of items as we add them to the game. We will also be implementing a way that lets you see your item equipped on your character. But for now, the only difference is a pretty hefty stat boost.

If you haven't already, check out our newest video outlining the additions and changes made to the game with the added Death Foundry zone.

Also, if you haven't yet, make sure to play our latest demo, v0.07! It helps us out when you download/play it!

Dungeons of Daggerhelm v0.07

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