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Dungeoncraft Alpha patch 255r1 has been released on Desura!

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As usual here's the commented collective changelog of 255 and 255r1:

  • Fixes
    • Fixed /given tiles getting all weird when mined
    • Fixed frustum culling sometimes culling chunks you can see
    • Fixed a bug that caused ramps to be generated incorrectly sometimes
    • Fixed a tile support related crash & not falling properly
    • Fixed major server memory leak (pathfinding)
    • Fixed attack move not working
    • Fixed a possible server crash from monsters
    • Fixed building sometimes not working
    • Fixed mining client/server desync
    • Fixed building not recognizing ingots properly
    • Fixed a particle related memory leak
    • Fixed NPC's not digging sometimes
    • Fixed desync when cancelling a building designation while a unit is building it
    • Fixed a bug causing units to have tiles appear on top of them when the level fails to load but old chunks are used
    • Fixed eating and using order papers sometimes causing desync
    • Fixed built walls sometimes not being selectable
    • Stopped water from being visible regardless of wether a unit sees it with fog of war enabled
    • Fixed units sometimes teleporting cross map when walking over certain tile formations
    • Tiles picked for mining no longer always show their sides
    • Fixed being able to pickup gates if you don't own them
    • Changed rotate job symbol
    • Fixed possible server crash
  • Misc
    • Light from torches no longer lights things behind walls
    • Stopped water from being affected by the tile support system
    • Units now get damaged and pushed away from falling tiles
    • Made water continue simulating where it stopped when its sliced time ran out
    • Made rare quality a brighter blue for improved readability
    • Made attacking NPC spawning position more random
    • The health bar no longer gets longer the more dead someone is
    • Stopped NPC from trying to dig tiles they can't and NPC's with picks now spawn with high mining skill
    • Added new enchants for tool power, and to harden tiles

As with the others you can use the appropriate spells at tools or tiles to make the enchants happen.

    • Better particle effects (faster, smaller and more => looks better)
    • Different rings are now different color (all were just black before)
    • Added pressure plate
    • Added dart trap

In order to use the pressure plate it needs to be used on top of a tile and then have a Y-aligned axle below that tile. If units now step onto that tile, it will cause the axle to move. Using that or a manual trigger you can activate a gearbox, which if it has a dart trap on it, will cause the dart trap to shoot the arrows in it's inventory. This way you could, for example, prepare a trap that shoots poisoned arrows (or with some other potion effect on it), too.

    • Added grate (like portcullis but not openable, looks different, and can be walked on if placed horizontally)
Patch 255r1 content

    • Added a different type of wall
    • Mining rock can now yield gemstones
    • Added a server option to occasionally wipe the floor of items (default off)
    • You can no longer "process" wood or stone without the appropriate tools
    • Added amulets as rare chest loot

These boost single skills and can not be obtained otherwise. You can have as many as you want of these; the effects will all stack.

    • Replaced sand texture
    • Added flour as a step between wheat and bread
    • Added hardcore mining and combine only crafting server options (to be expanded)

The hardcore mining option currently slows down mining and building by a factor of 3.5 and 2.2, respectively and increases stone inventory size to 5x5. Eventually this aims to implement the "Moria was not build in a day"-idea by requiring significant effort to mine ore and encourage the prolonged use of functioning mines and the use of minecarts.

    • Made item drop, equip and unequip shift + alt friendly
    • Increased height for water to damage units (preperation for rain)
    • Units no longer take up indirect orders when they still have jobs queued
    • Changed default of item_slowdown_factor to 0.75 from 0.5
    • Indirect orders will now only be picked up if the unit is within 1.5 chunks of the job target
    • Designating a floor on a already build floor will now allow you to build it adjacent to that floor
    • Swapped ramp build order from mid -> back to back -> mid in order to allow to use ramps to build bridges easier
    • Units no longer move out of the way of other units
    • Added turn anticipation to the unit's pathfinding
  • Story
    • There now is a folder for stories, which when filled with .txt files will generate books with that story in chests
    • Each world now starts with a wreckage in the spawn area which provides you with some starting materials
  • World Generation
    • Fixed one of the spells not actually able to spawn
    • Tweaked biomes a bit again
    • Stopped dungeons from poking out into the open sometimes
    • Outsourced the dungeon modules that weren't yet
    • Items from chests now sometimes spawn with enchantments
    • Fixed a bug with mobs spawning in dungeons having negative attributes
    • Added huge tree spawns in all "rainforest"-biomes
    • Added huge towers spawning in all biomes

The towers are made of the new type of wall (tiled wall), which does not come in a wooden variant and is harder to mine than the normal one. I also renamed the old wall to "cobblestone wall". You can build these too, however you need to make slabs by combining a hammer and chisel with cobblestone if using stone, or a hammer and chisel with metal ingots if using metal. As with the other wall, these walls can not be harvested for material. (Which might change for later patches though.)

The trees can be harvested and are a massive source of wood fit to be exploited like a massive ore vein.
In order to harvest them you mine them with a pick.

    • Improved/Changed some of the dungeon modules
    • Messed with the ore distribution again
    • Added 2 new biomes and changed two old ones into new ones
    • Increased granite occurance drastically
    • Fixed forest biomes not having too many trees
    • Added underwater lakes

Patch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 contentPatch 255r1 content

  • Added combine system
    • Anything that can be combined will have it say so in it's description
    • Where applicable old processing buttons where removed. (Stone, Bone, Wood)
    • Added carving tools made from hammer + chisel
    • Totems are now made by combining carving tools with logs
    • Added saw which is now used to make planks and sticks from logs
    • Make rings from combining gems with brass ingots
    • Furnaces are now made from combining two stones
    • Workbenches are now made by combining two logs

I plan to expand this system to cover all of the current crafting eventually.

If you want to keep track of the current development, or see all changelogs up to date check out the games website:
If you find a bug please report it here.

Dungeoncraft on twitter: @Zinnusl

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