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There's been a lot of progress since the last update! Below I'll cover what's been done and what's to come!

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Steam Greenlight Concepts:

I've posted Dungeon Core over at the Steam Greenlight Concepts section! So please go and show your support with a Like/Share/Follow/Favorite etc!

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Player controls have been implemented, supporting rebindable keys for both the keyboard/mouse & gamepad. There's also support for multiple gamepads, and gamepad/keyboard combination for local co-op mode.


The textbox system has been coded and supports varying widths, background images, multiple pages and scrolling/skippable text!

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The multiplayer infrastructure has has been setup! Allowing players to host and join games! Smooth networked movement has been implemented to mask any lag, the chatbox system is in and fully functional and triggers are now working!


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I've setup the inventory and equipment systems. Allowing for players to pick up items, re-arrange them within the inventory and equip them.

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Items have been designed to be customisable. Allowing players to upgrade item to increase their stats, place enchantments on them, have class requirements and even have item set bonuses.

To Do:

There's a few things listed on the immediate to-do list. Now that items have been incorporated, I'm working on displaying item tooltips, allowing players to view the stats/enchants/level of the items they have.

After that's done I'm going to be working on adding enemies in, and syncing their movement over the network. After that I'm going to be starting on the Knights combat.

I've also been setting up more of a fixed scheduled, this will mean weekly new updates on indieDB, so be sure to check back to follow the progress!

Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

Awesome update, canĀ“t really wait for it to be released!

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Was curious to see how you show battles and found the Time Lapse - Wolf Walk Cycle video. Oh, man that was awesome, real pixel magic!

Also your inventory items look superb! I'm automatically turned off by JRPG mini-characters, but your game has the charm.

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Radar11m - - 694 comments

good stuff keep it up!

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brodieswift Author
brodieswift - - 6 comments

Thanks guys :) I'm going to begin implementing combat once I get networked enemies implemented, so stay tuned!

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