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Version 5 of Driftmoon is now ready for download to all our valued preorderers!

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Version 5 of Driftmoon is now ready for download to all our valued preorderers! If you haven't preordered yet, you can still get your copy for 20% off, and at the same time show us your support! :) If you'd rather wait until Driftmoon is ready, you're bound to forget all about it, and that would mean denying yourself a great gaming experience: So why not sign up for the Driftmoon release notification?

Most notable with this version is the One Modding Screen. We've been hard at work providing players with easy access to mods, and at the same time ensuring your mods will get the visibility they deserve. Thus, you can now easily distribute your mods, and get feedback for them. To distribute a mod, simply upload it to the Driftmoon mods list, and it will be available to everyone playing Driftmoon!

I've also made it possible for mods to reuse all the resources inside the main game simply by referencing them. The game always looks for named resources first under the mod directory, then under the main game. This way you can save space in your mod, especially for sounds and music. From this version onwards, I won't remove any resources that come with the game, so you're safe using them.

We want to show our full support to modding Driftmoon, so if you have any problems at all, or any suggestions, contact us and we'll help! You can reach us via email, the forum, or the ingame feedback button.

Game changelog:

Modding changelog:

Ps. There might be a modding competition at some point in the near future, so this would be a good time to get a head start! ;)

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