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We live in a world of sayings and proverbs. You surely heard that "you must make your dreams come true ". Well, I agree. That's why I decided to fulfill one of those dreams that every kid of my generation had years ago.

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I always thought it would be fun to have my own page that would list the most important moments and achievements in my life. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten one yet, but my game has!

Exactly - I am thrilled and overjoyed to inform you that Flooded has its digital encyclopedia. The Fandom team did a great job (seriously, they're like magicians!) and thanks to them you can search for the most important information about the game on the official wiki today!

So if you don’t understand how particular elements in the demo version work, what a given structure is for, or if you simply feel lost in the maze of artifacts, you can sort it out HERE! What is important, everything will be constantly updated.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to work - the coming weeks will be very hot. And not only because of the weather!

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