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Now we want make short introducing in new animation of Drake. Step by step we repeat way of legendary Flashback game. It's incredible experience for us, lot of work and many hard decisions.

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Well... it's me again. I have not planned surfacing my submarine but yet... i really want share this for You. As you know we work on the movement controller. And our hero already running, walking, jumping, climbing and etc. - BUT... because we do not want make a cut levels (in classic games developers use non-scrolling screens) on many different static screens (like in old games like FlashBack and Prince of Persia), and because we want make world without many cuts - we need make targeted on player camera.

This is not a final version of "after", but early sketch. We need work with
a "skethes" in animation because most important thing in this case -

soft movement and correct visualization in movement actions. Post-work
with a sketches starts after we finalizing controller

Camera work not correctly, because camera linked to player. Because our player have a limited number of frames (in previous version of Drake - 8 frames). We have a twitching scrolling artefacts. This is no right way to make a good immersion. For the soft camera panning we need animation which be good work with pixel-perfected camera. For soft moving we need a more frames. I make this. Now our Drake have a number of frames more than legendary Flashback. In Flashback developers made 20 frames for running. We made 24. For really soft movements.

Comparing Drake with his Grandfather

Result - i love new Drake more and more. It's a hard work but... i sure that you want a real old game, and really good technology for this game. I think this a right decision.

In GiF sample hero movement like in Matrix but in engine all looks good. See ya citizen of Hindale. I hope we see you soon, with a new and effective progress.

Xylemon - - 2,677 comments

It's a lot smoother; however, it seems slower. Is it gonna be faster in game?

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Weila Author
Weila - - 84 comments

Xylemon, last text line in news block - "In GiF sample hero movement like in Matrix but in engine all looks good". Last five words - "in engine all looks good".

I test this in engine yesterday. Looks like Flashback... or maybe Drakeback. Drake strike back! Like it more. In any case i cannot make big horrible mistake like slower Drake in game. Only small mistakes. Like... hm-m-m... i dont know where i'll make mistake, but i'm sure that i do.

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