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The Dragon Ball Universe list of teams and features are listed below in more detail.

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The list of playable races:
Humanoid - Human - Saiyan - Tuffle
Machine - Machine Mutant - Android
Namek - Namek - Super Namek - Mutant Namek
Planet Trade - Frieza - Cooler
Demon - Demon - Makyan
Majin - Majin
Planet State - Imeckian - Arlian
Cell - Cell

All the army pictures have been changed to units from Dragon Ball, now each race has their own magazine and command centre image (in normal MOO3 them all shared same image). The unit ranks have been changed to Dragon Balls, there is only six ranks in Moo3 so only balls 1 through 6 will be present. All army units have been renamed to sound better, for example psy-ops is now support warrior. The planet skins and weapon effects from my Master Mod are used as they are better than standard Moo3, there will be new heroes such as Kibito Kai, Don Kee, General Rildo and much more.

The Encyclopedia will be updated and the History section will be changed to character bios, all foreign Office Pictures will be changed and I will try to change all cutscenes to material from Dragon Ball. The Antaran Expedition has been changed to the Black Star Dragon Balls, these have been used as they are scattered around the galaxy just like Dragon Ball GT. The credits will be a thank you to people involved in the production of Dragon Ball, and more changes.

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