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Downloads of Dyrt now available, now available on IndieDB.

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Hello boys and girls;

At last you can now also download Dyrt from IndieDB. I really enjoyed creating this game for you and I hope you will enjoy the game as much playing it. This release should be pretty stable, though always remember that this version is still a beta version and if you still find a bug due to all that, don't hesitate to ask me and I will fix it as soon as possible (don't forget to tell me if you are on Windows or Mac when reporting a bug as I already had a bug report recently about a windows-only bug, which is fixed already of course).

So step into the world of Phantasar and meet Eric Sylvertin, an insecure boy with an inferiority complex, but there is more to him then he could ever imagine himself. And Irravonia, a fairy girl who is the proud owner of an attitude problem, but despite all that golden-hearted. Brendor a strong traveller who is interested in Eric and his twin sister. Seelah Gandra an young female Elf who shouts a lot and doesn't seem to care about anything, or is she only hiding a true sweet face. Rebecca Sylvertin, Eric's twin sister who scolds her brother at every opportunity she gets to do so, however she loves her brother quite deeply, but she was never able to express that in the right way. Dernor Woodlock, a young Elf who takes Seelah Gandra under his wing trying to uncover the way she really is. Merya the Magpie, Dernor's younger cousin, a cheerful girl, always cracking jokes in a suggestive manner, but with true courage and last Aziƫlla of the House of Gandron, a winged girl who is the youngest Elite Commander in the army in the history of her people. It's hard to take her seriously due to her overexcited nature and her habit to talk too much, but don't be fooled, she's devoted to her king and country and not afraid to die if she must (which won't happen during the game, don't worry).

The game supports both keyboard control as most gamepads (The game was tested with a Logitec F310 controller) and the scenario text can be displayed in either English or Dutch.

Talked enough, already, please enjoy Dyrt.

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