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December 11th, 2013. Dota 2 remaked v1.1 is released. This version fixes many bugs from the first release and adds some new things. Available heroes: Invoker, Dragon Knight, Drow Ranger, Ursa, Sniper, Zeus, Omni Knight, Gyrocopter, Anti-Mage, Spirit Breaker, Axe, Lina, Nyx Assassin, Lion, Skeleton King, Lich, Alchemist, Mirana.

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-News in version 1.1:Healing Salve now has 2 charges and costs 200 gold.Potion Of Mana now has 3 charges and costs 150 gold.Fixed Axe's and Spririt Breaker's ability when they deals massive damage to the target.Deadlus price increased from 4450 to 4850 gold.Fixed Bash ability text description.Added 30 damage to all heroes.Added 5 armor to Alchemist.Bots are better organised.Fixed Bot item system (bug when a bot drops item).New item: Dagon (+9 intelligence, Active: burns 800 damage to the target enemy).Increased Lina, Zeus, Invoker and Omni Knight's attack speed from 2,5 to 2 seconds.Storm Wyrm neutral creep has now critical damage.Sniper and Anti-Mage has one more ability (Attributes: +3/4/5 all attributes).MixiSoft @2013.

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