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A few words about the first release. This text can be found in readme file too. Available heroes: Invoker, Dragon Knight, Drow Ranger, Ursa, Sniper, Zeus, Omni Knight, Gyrocopter, Anti-Mage, Spirit Breaker, Axe, Lina, Nyx Assassin, Lion, Skeleton King, Lich, Alchemist, Mirana.

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Dota 2 remaked map for 3vs3 battle, first release:-Installation:Just copy "Maps" folder into warcraft 3 folder.-Requirements:WarCraft 3 with Frozen Throne.Recommended Frozen Throne version 1.26-Play:Launch The Frozen Throne then go:Practce: single player > custom game > Dota2-3vs3-remaked > choose dota2_remaked_practice_bots map.Multiplayer:local area network > custom game > Dota2-3vs3-remaked > choose dota2_remaked_all_pickor dota2_remaked_single-draft or dota2_remaked_co-operative map.-Known bugs:When you attack neutral creeps with a ranged hero, they will not respawn after deathif you don't come to the place where tey spawn. (enter the region where neutral creep spawns)Gyrocopter's turbo machine ability is not visible in ability "button field", but it is active.Drow Ranger's ultimate is not visible in ability "button field", but it is active(look at attributes and damage fields). MixiSoft @2013.

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