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The (possibly) final release of dot dodger. Have a read and download the game.

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Dot Dodger 1.0

It's been months since I first decided to share my game to the world. What I thought was unique and exciting is practically as generic as any game can get. Dot Dodger was my first but not the last game to be created. I don't know if I will continue updating the game because of so much lack of interest by me and the community. So I'll put this game on stand by. If anyone out there would like me to continue working on the game I might come around. I'll always be an avid tracker of mods and games in moddb so I'll always be availible.

Let's get back to the release of Dot Dodger 1.0. This new version has slight tweeks here and there. I've even gave it a slight make-over, graphic wise. This changelog might give you an insight.
- Dots that are reflected move faster untill the event ends
- Displays what event is in effect under the entity
- Splash screen added
- Main menu background changed
- End game comment modified, now has comment upto 4000pts... if that's even reachable
- Fixed white particle effect for 'dud' event

Untill some-othertime.


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