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Dot Dodger 0.5 has all the features that were planned. Still I shall add more features to it when I get the time. Most likely there will be bugs so I'll get to those soon.

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Dot Dodger 0.5
It has been quite a long time. Couple of months ago I started this project under 'molecule' it was gonna be a little hobby that I'd do when I feel like it. I kept true to that notion but the game has moved slightly from its original style. Now it's called Dot Dodger and for some reason I made the game more difficult than I should have. It's a bit convoluted in design and scripting but I think it I have done the job right.

Getting to the new version, 0.5 has alot of changes that I don't think I remember what I've done exactly as I've been working on it 6 hours non stop. Most notable new feature will be the new particle effects and 2 more new events. Also some buggs fixed and difficulty have been turned down.

I hope you enjoy this version than the last. Have fun.


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