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DOOM CE 3.0.0 has been released including a new level set consisting of 20 classic maps made by the community, and better support for mods.

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Rumble Pak

A selection of 20 maps made by the community from 2012 to 2020 has been added as part of the Rumble Pak, a new addon level set for DOOM 64 CE. Over half of the maps were previously released as part of a project called Community Chest 64, while the rest were standalone releases.

Preview 1 of the rumble pak level set

Preview of the rumble pak level set 2

Preview 3 of the rumble pak level set

Preview 4 of the rumble pack level set

Preview 6 of the rumble pak level set

Improved mod compatibility

This release should be much more compatible with other mods. It's been tested with mods such as Project Brutality, QC:DE, Death Foretold, Embers of Armageddon, Guncaster, Trailblazer, GMOTA, Russian Overkill, Complex Doom, Legendoom Lite, Pandemonia, and many others and they appear to be working fine (NOTE: Support is more limited in Doom 64 because some mods depend on Doom 2 textures and Doom 2's default player height).

Preview of PSX DOOM CE loaded with Brutal Doom Platinum

Preview of PSX DOOM CE loaded with Pandemonia

Corruption Cards deserves a special mention because this mod now has built-in support for it. Story text maps will skip the card selection dialog, and monsters exclusive to the PSX and D64 were included as monster groups. It adds tremendous replay value to these campaigns, so it strongly recommended if you are planning on playing them again and want to spice up the gameplay a little.

Preview 1 of DOOM 64 CE loaded with Corruption Cards

Preview 2 of DOOM 64 CE loaded with Corruption Cards

This release also includes sprites and AI for missing monsters in Doom 64 such as the Revenant and Spider Mastermind, so mods that require them are now compatible. All Doom 2 things have replacement counterparts now.

Preview of DOOM 64 CE placeholders for the missing Doom 64 monsters

Note: upgrading from previous versions

Because of various internal changes on the mod, any map packs from this page's addon section needs to be redownloaded to use their latest version. For DOOM 64, it is necessary to delete DOOM64.IWAD and DOOM64.CE.LostLevels.pk3 and run the installer again. After upgrading, it is safe to delete the files named *.Base.pk3, since they are no longer used in this version.

JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,058 comments

Wait, so you included Dr. Pyspy's Revenant, but not the four-armed Arch-Vile?

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molecicco Author
molecicco - - 511 comments

It’s not out yet unless I completely missed it?

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JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,058 comments

Ah, you are right. I thought the screenshot posted on the thread was a sign that it had been made available for download. My bad! Anyway, that D64 Revenant is huge! I tried to replace the Hell Knight with it and it is so tall, it seems to oftentimes get stuck in the environment.

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molecicco Author
molecicco - - 511 comments

The sprite is very tall so I tried to adjust its collision height to match it, but it may have been too much. For the next version I've reduced it to slightly above the hell knight's height.

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