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My personal fleet under command of Admiral Felsem in my absence. My fleet almost always has the support of the GA's task force fleets. May the Force guide each crew member of these vessels.

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*Start fleet holo archive decryption*

(Fleet status report):
Fleet at full strength with backing from the GA.

My fleet almost always has the support of the GA's task force fleets. Which is also under my command atm.

My fleet admiral in command if I'm not on deck, is Admiral Felsem. He graduated with me in the fleet academy and we have fought many space battles together. He is a skilled and competent commander and I respect him greatly. This fleet was originally in command of Felsem, in many space battles. Felsem made it a freelancer fleet after [MISSING]. After he heard I graduated at the Jedi academy and that the AoL was formed to defend against the Sith, he donated his fleet to the AoL and gave head command of it to me to use it in our struggle against the Sith. Felsem still has allot of contacts which he is constantly negotiating with to obtain new ship for the fleet.


Heaven's Gate: Modified and upgraded Assertor-class Star Dreadnought. Has experimental counter measures. Equipped with long range guns of various kinds.

Goodhope: Modified MC90 cruiser with extensive ion weaponry and exceptional shield strength. Has an above average hanger capacity, but little anti fighter defenses or turbo lasers. It is very maneuverable, but has light hull armor. Fitted with a special SPHAT beam.

The Lincoln: Modified MC90 cruiser with heavy turbo lasers and mass drives. Has a small shield generator, no hanger. But has very strong anti fighter defenses and and a heavily reinforced hull armor, but is slightly less maneuverable than the standard model. Fitted with special SPHAT beam.

Cruiser compliment:

Bellator SBC x4
Intimidator SD x6
MC90 cruiser x8
Scythe cruiser x8
Nebula SD x16
Dreadnought cruiser x10
Majestic-class heavy cruiser x6


Wingless MC80 cruiser
(little weaponry very big hangers) x4
Defender-class assault carrier x5

Lancer-class frigate x8
Corona-class frigate x15

*note, these numbers may differ in battle, due to well...I may have other things up my sleeve of course...this info is just rough general intelligence.

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