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A brief profile of the 'Field of Mars' District, available now in the free game, Brunelleschi: Age of Architects

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District Profile: Field of Mars

The Field of Mars is an ancient tradition in training troops and glorifying warfare. Mark out a huge flat section of your Settlement to dedicate to Praetorian Assemblies and Training Grounds. This district is incredibly useful to war-like settlements that are constantly involved in martial scenarios. Of course it may be equally useful to peace loving settlements living near a war-monger.

District Action - Martial Training

If you've got some energy and equipment, Martial Training can be incredibly beneficial. Those who take the time gain a bonus to all military attributes for a day.

Main Building - Piazza Navona

This historical building increases housing space available for all NPC types by a % with every upgrade, as well as encouraging prosperity city-wide. With every upgrade the Piazza becomes more grandiose and capable of housing yet more NPCs.

Exclusive Building - Praetorian Assembly

Giving the people an opportunity to train can be beneficial. With every level of Praetorian Assembly built, 2 more free Legionaire troops will join defensive battles in the Field of Mars. It also provides a handy tax revenue bonus from Commanders.

Linked Building - Training Grounds

Training Grounds handle the training of all non-transport units. Plus having local trained troops seriously improve district Security. These are your main source of troop training, but work best when built in the Field of Mars.

Ministry - Praetorian Guard
The Praetorian Guard is uniquely produced on this ancient ritualistic training ground. They devote themselves to the training of excellent troops and managing the affairs of the Praetor.

Minister - Praetor

Leader of the Praetorian Guard, this minister can take personal pride in the strength and variety of the Settlement's military force. The Praetor provides bonuses to the Field of Mars with a full 7 of their total Attributes. Might, Celerity, Toughness, Guile, Arithmetic, Grace, and Judgement.

Downsides - As a military district, the Field of Mars offers a mainly military advantage. Upkeep on recruitment buildings can be pricey in times of peace without offering bonuses to commerce or happiness.
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