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My PC has broken down, so now i'm using a Minitower that my cousin gave to me. The kind of minitower that has no graphic card slots, and no room for extra ram. Therefore, I'm going to need around £300 to get a new PC. If anybody would like to donate, I'd highly appreciate it.

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Disaster Strikes! My DVD Drive was failing, along with numerous other issues, so I had to attempt to reinstall the PC. When I finally got my PC to recognise the DVD Drive, the C drive and D drive (Both HDDs) were then rendered unrecognisable. Basically, the thing has finally kicked the bucket after about half a decade.
So now, my cousin has given me an old Minitower, which has the basic functions of turning on, using word and turning off. No graphics card and a built-in speaker + sound drive, all very old and not that great - I can't even run the most basic of games. And I doubt I could run Realm Crafter, once I have it.

So, the plan is,
1. Buy Realm Crafter and hand it to my programmer (£100).
2. Buy a new PC (£300).
3. Buy another copy of Realm Crafter for myself (£100).

That's £500 I need to gather, on £100 every two weeks, whereas £50 goes towards rent... That's about 5 months of strenious saving?
Therefore, I've opened up a donations box in case anybody would like to speeden up the saving process. I was quite content to wait a month or so to save up the £100, but 5 months is a serious hinderance, and is likely to completely throw the expected release date to 2012/2013.

Anyway, the donation button will be on the homepage of the website.


Sorry to hear about this, I'll see if I'm able to donate anything.

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Azkanan Author

Thanks. I've actually gone over what PC to grab, and rather than a whole new PC, i'm going to get a barebone system, which is about £200 cheaper, and nearly halves the delay.

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