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We have released the 1.024 patch for Din's Curse. This patch is like most patches and has balance changes, bug fixes, and polish.

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Here's all of the changes for patch 1.024.

Din's Curse

  • improved ground textures in Menace Mausoleum
  • added Demon War credits (DemonWar)
  • higher level monsters no longer get higher chances of critical hits
  • fixed smite duration (Bluddy)
  • changed max stack on fires to 1 so they are a bit more consistent in damage
  • changed clothes on mage characters on new character screen to look higher level like other characters (Chumpy)
  • fixed a block incorrectly marked as a special room in Frantic Pit (Evander)
  • added text to specify shock bolt's stun chance (bushwhacker2k)
  • chaos lord's fireballs no longer homing (Evander)
  • now only get tornados in town when there is a weather machine (DemonWar)
  • increased tornados from weather machines from 0.02 to 0.025 (DemonWar)
  • moved right click ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode
  • moved event text ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode
  • moved player ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode
  • increased mana needed per level of most skills
  • changed protocol version to 20
  • decreased zeal mana per level from 2 to 1 (Srulz)
  • decreased gaseous form mana per level from 10 to 0
  • added a randomize button on new character screen (randomizes name, class, and options) (Trelow)
  • once a trap goes off from a chest/door the trap info updates (Manumitted)
  • fixed Wampir Whacker spelling (Manumitted)
  • moved arrows for right click slots to align with bottom slot
  • Sven's Falchion really is falchion now (Valgor)
  • added RoyalBlue/Blue to vbulletin export stuff
  • moved stashes a little farther apart in one town (Manumitted)
  • fixed a collision issue in crystal cave (DemonWar) (Arjun123)
  • changed gas leak explosions to fire effect and fire damage (Manumitted)
  • no longer show random armor/weapon reward if vendor intends on selling it (Manumitted)
  • now players get 0.1% magic crushing chance per dexterity (Bluddy)
  • added 0.75 strength required per level for cloth armor
  • added 1.0 strength required per level for leather armor
  • now PowerGainX commands work with per level stuff also (Bluddy)
  • now longer status effect icons will blink when they get below 5 seconds left (Evander)
  • fixed obelisk effects not lasting the correct amount of time (Aet/EternalChampion)
  • increased defense magic modifiers from 1.0/0.4 to 2.0/0.8 (Manumitted)
  • spider's can no longer jump when they can't move (Manumitted)
  • added magic chests (always locked, all items are destroyed if chest is destroyed) (Bluddy)
  • fixed of Religion spelling (Caal)
  • fixed time display from midnight to 1am (Caal)
  • moved the equipment screen some so that it wasn't overlapping the secondary use slot bar (stubbie)
  • shields now have durability (will only effect new shields) (Maledictus)
  • fixed some effects not going away correctly when player changes shape (spacehog)
  • added MinCharLevel support to skills (for modders not main game) (Bluddy)
  • changed frost nova and fire nova procs to come from enemy not self (Manumitted)
  • added ui_showSimpleTips back into game options
  • now turning off show simple tips also hides empty - can put any kind of item here tip (Maledictus)
  • fixed system picking up zip files multiple times
  • fixed being able to start a high level world with a new character after loading a high level character (Baki)
  • fixed imps not moving sometimes after being resurrected (Pyro)
  • now get rid of object if you fail a trigger quest (Caal)
  • now non moving enemies doesn't effect rescues
  • increased critters during infestation a bit more (DemonWar) (Crisses)
  • demon mastery now gets 4% health boost (DeathKnight1728)
  • hopefully fixed is guarding 's treasure issue (DemonWar) (Nim)
  • fixed demonic control on stationary monsters (DemonWar) (Crisses)
  • changed a ton of npc dialog (Bluddy)
  • moved companion ui to side of the screen in widescreen mode
  • randomized hunger a little bit more (DemonWar)
Din's Curse: Demon War

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