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a war had been brought to Asian states called Nostantara after the peoples deposed one of governor chosen by digimon himself and digimon army also human army prepare to fight each other.General Omnimon will stand against General Crowda and Presiden Jokrovich and their Communist army. this just fictional history,not a real event

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human and digimon have been in war since 2016 after many absurd human action of Nost-Antara state,some human supporting digimon and Fanatical Army of Nostantara protecting their homeland and fight against their own peoples which this reason make digimon invasion.

how to play this mod:

as Digimon:

you can choose to play notable character of digimon such as Omnimon,Omnimon zwart,Ulforce,Jesmon and Alphamon,fight against the Nostantara after they killed one of digimon messenger and allied with Nostantara rebels(NPC),Survive the battle

as human(Nostantara Communist United States):

beware,because digimon have 900% health and they hard to be killed,so try to avoid them and attack them with unique strategy and the digimon won't surrender or fall back easily

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