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Diablo II Extended v1.06a update inluding some changes to Mixed (Full) Version and new Minimal Version

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*All Versions*
- Accidentaly deleted the file that allowed the unused ring and amulet graphics to appear last update, it's back now.
*Mixed Version*
- Moved Razor Beast from Jail Level 1 to Jail Level 3,
- Moved Rat Man Blowdart from Jail Level 2 to Jail Level 1,
- Moved Undead Rat Man from Jail Level 3 to Jail Level 2,
- Moved Undead Fetish from Spider Forest to Arachnid Lair,
- Removed Warped Shaman from Durance of Hate Level 1
- Changed Venom Lord in Outer Steppes to Balrog,
- Chaos Sanctuary has 4 monster spawns possible at once.
*Fix Version (Extended Levels addon)*
- Changed Sewers II (Act III) back to normal size.
- Changed Extra Version name to Full Version,
- Changed Full version name to Mixed Version,
- Added Minimal Version. It's like the Mixed Version but with Act V locations only (and Cave Depths), Act V Super-Uniques only, No Evil Holes, Quill Bears, Spirit Mummy, Unused Hierophant and Unused Skeleton Mages.

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