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Hello everyone, we have a quick development update for you!

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Progress on the mod is still going strong, we've brought on some more members and our team is bigger than any of us could have anticipated. We now have a 30 member development team, full of very talented people with one goal in mind; make the most ambitious Star Wars mod for Mount and Blade, and make it an unforgettable experience for thousands to enjoy. Now, on to what was mentioned in the title, the Grand Army of the Republic.

The way our mod will handle clones will be different from the other Star Wars mods for Mount and Blade. There will be 3 different types of clone recruits, ranging in rarity and price of ownership, from lowest to highest they're ranked: Clone Cadet, Clone Academy Cadet, and Fett-Trained Clone. Each base clone trooper branches into their own troop trees, exclusive to each base troop. We will have a total of 32 different troops for the Grand Army of the Republic, each playing a role on the battlefield. Whether they're riding into battle on an AT-RT Walker, or eliminating threats from across the field of battle, there is a troop tree for every role the player could want.

As for the uniforms your clones will wear, you have many options to choose from. When you reach the rank required to command your own army of troopers, you will be presented with a choice. You can choose to have all of your clones represent the: 501st Battalion, 104th Battalion, 212th Battalion, 9th Assault Corps, 327th Star Corps, and the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. This decision will not be permanent and can be changed in-game. This change was necessary, as the troopers you had in previous Star Wars mods for Mount and Blade lacked a coherent uniform, and we would like to remedy this through our new system.

Here Are Some Visuals of the Troop Trees:

Clone Cadet Tree 1

Breakdown: Branch 1 are upgraded versions of the base clone troopers, increasing in all stats the further down the branch they go. Branch 2 are long-range clones, each getting a better weapon than the previous troop. Branch 3 are specialized units, who excel at flanking and taking the enemy by surprise.

Clone Academy Cadet Tree 2

Breakdown: Branch 1 are upgraded academy cadets who grant the player a buff to their leadership skill. Branch 2 are mounted infantry, who dominate the battlefield with their swiftness. Branch 3 are support units, the maintainer and engineer will repair vehicles while the medic heals and buffs nearby units.

Fett Trained Clone Tree 1

Breakdown: Branch 1 are ARC Troopers, who will best any melee combatants, and other enemies who dare to get close. Branch 2 are crowd-control/tanks, they absorb damage and disperse clusters of enemies with heavy weapons.

*Disclaimer: Advertised Troop Trees are Not Final and May Change*

Images Courtesy of A**Milk

The keen-eyed among you may notice there are no Clone Commandos on the troop trees, don't worry, we did not forget about them. Clone Commandos, such as Delta Squad, and certain ARC troopers, like Fives and Echo, will be companions rather than basic troops. This move was made to add to the story aspect of the mod. They will all have their own quests that will lead to them joining you on your journey across the galaxy. This will also allow you to have more control over their equipment and training.

I hope you enjoyed this update on the development, know that we are working hard to deliver on all of our promises, but naturally some things will not be possible due to limitations within Bannerlord. But, we will do our best to revamp the game and make it fit our aspirations. We listen to all suggestions made by the community, and if you would like to make a suggestion, please join us on Discord:

- The Separatist Crisis Development Team


Any pilots?

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xTBRO13 Author

We're looking into space combat, but we're not 100% sure if it's possible. As for pilots, for now they've been replaced by ground vehicle drivers, like the BARC Trooper. It didn't make much sense for the pilots in previous mods to drive land vehicles rather than aerial or space-craft.

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