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DevBlog 07 news. Game state corresponding to the months of november and dicember. Game state 40%.

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Hello to all the developers and all curious minds.

At the beginning of December, I start with the private game tests.. The testers play the game and I observed them.. It wasn't very long until I realized that the game was a mess. A complete and utter failure. The tester were lost in the maze.. the comabt was boring.. They lose interest in the game in a very short time.. I've been hoisted upon my own petard.

I have been focused on creating a game too ambitious. I wanted to create a mixture between Zelda and Bloodborne.. yes.. you've read it properly. I'm basically a idiot. It would take fourteen years or more to do the game that I had in mind.. and It'll still be a rubbish game.

I spent weeks experienced.. The days passed and I went to a really dark place.. But one day .. A glorious day, long in coming!.. A light bulb went off in my head, and I started doing tests .. Everything just fell into place so perfectly. I've been working relentlessly for weeks and I went back to do the tests with the same people.. They played the game for more than one hour, and they were having a good time. Now the game was fast, fun and very addictive. . highly addictive.. and the most important.. It is complete and absolutely viable.

The game is finished in a 40% and at this moment and I hope to have it ready by the end of summer.. Well if GameGuru solve your memory and AI problems .. and a log etc...

And that's it for this week. Bye.. Deica logo.

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