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Me and the Dev team are excited to announce a very big update to our progress on our Alpha Build

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Hey everyone, TheHiggySmalls here again!

It been a while since we last talked but I have a very exciting announcement for you all today. Our alpha releases publicly today! But before I talk more about that, let me talk about how the future of this mod will be handled.

From the conception of this mod, we have always maintained that it will be completed on our own time. Deadlines lead to crunch and burnout which leads to a very poor product. We can see an example of this with the recently released Cyberpunk 2077. One of our first priorities will always be that we want to release a quality mod for you all to enjoy. But, with that in mind we have worked tirelessly these past couple of months to get us to this point. This will not be the case for beta. Some of our dev team has some personal things they need to focus their attention on, which means they will have to spend less time on the mod. Work on the mod will slow down from it’s current speed. This should not be cause for worry. Beta is still very much coming, it just may take longer than originally thought. This is why todays release is so important to us, we want you to finally get your hands on the mod for you to enjoy while we take some extra time to continue working on our vision.

But on a much lighter note, Star Wars: Across the Stars Alpha Build is officially available for you to download and enjoy right now. This build is some what of a bare bones version of what we have in mind, but there is plenty for you to enjoy. The Clone and Droid factions will be available for you to use with many customization options for you to use. There are also many of the Star Wars weapons for you to use. They aren’t perfect and iron sights may be a bit off, but you will still have lots of fun with them, I can assure you. We will be releasing a patch in the coming days that will add some smaller details to the current build and you can download the mod on our Steam Workshop page in the meantime here:

Slots to join our team are still open, so if you are interested, please contact us on our discord. We are still looking for both Multiplayer and Zombies mappers so if you are interested and want to join, please by all means reach out.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the alpha release and can’t wait to see you in beta!

May the Force be with you!


Community Outreach Manager, Head Audio Designer, Head Dev.

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